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How Often Does Google Crawl Your Site?

Google has large problems trying to crawl all web pages on the internet. With trillions of pages, Googlebot works non-stop to attempt to crawl everything published online. There is a massive amount of content for Googlebot to get through and depending on how active your site is can affect the crawl ability of your website. […]

Google My Business SEO Case Study

If you are a local business trying to generate more phone calls, business visits, or website hits, continue reading. I am about to show you how our team was able to rank a GMB and generate an extra £2800/$3500 in 3 weeks. For the biggest GMB SEO ranking factor that nobody mentions, continue to the […]

Google Duplicate Content Penalty – FatRank

If you are wondering if you can rank duplicate in Google Search Results we have you covered. Too many SEO specialists believe there is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty which is completely incorrect. In our duplicate content guide, we explain everything from what Google considers unique content to why unique content is important in SEO. […]

Google Disavow Tool SEO – FatRank

Backlinks are a huge ranking factor in April 2023 and if someone says otherwise are creating clickbait titles or selling an SEO course on content. Links are normally great and it is amazing when someone shares your content with their audience. Not all links are good and understanding problematic toxic links is just as important to […]

Different Profiles in Google Chrome

You can customize Google profiles in your Chrome browser. Each profile in Google Chrome can save all your bookmarks, history, passwords and other settings. Chrome profiles allow you to swap between Google accounts; keep personalized extensions, apps, history, themes, and bookmarks for different users and sync those settings between devices as well. Profiles are ideal when […]

Bolded Keywords in Google SERP

The Bolded Keywords in Google SERP are a huge signal you should use for optimizing your content. Extracting and scraping the bolded keywords in Google SERP descriptions can help improve the relevance of blogs. In our Bolded Keywords in Google SERP guide, we explain everything on how to best utilize this for search engine optimization benefits. […]

Wildcards in Google Search: Everything You Need to Know

Keyword research is at the heart of every successful SEO campaign. Finding the right keywords to target your site allows you to overtake your competitors and appear on top of search results. But SEOs are becoming savvier with new tricks and techniques up their sleeves. As a result, your methods and tools may not cut […]

What Should I Do After a Google Algorithm Update or Google Organic Traffic Drop?

The most common question asked through my contact form is “How Do I Recover from a Google Core Update”? Website owners suffer an organic SEO ranking drop and are panicking to recover the traffic they once had. Google make significant changes to the search algorithms and systems several times a year. The Google Algorithm Updates […]

Triggering Google Suggests – FatRank

Imagine any search term you want your site to rank for has an autofill suggestion with your brand after it? It is estimated 75% of the search queries are influenced by Google Autocomplete. So many SEO gurus are making use of Search Box Optimization to make the users opt for their brand before hitting the […]

Personalized Google Search Results – FatRank

Everyone talks about content optimisation, building backlinks and technical SEO as being the holy grail of ranking in search engines. But are you aware your User Search History is one of the biggest Google Ranking Factors in December 2022? User search history is a Google core ranking factor and personalizing your search experience is a […]