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If you are wondering if you can rank duplicate in Google Search Results we have you covered.

Too many SEO specialists believe there is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty which is completely incorrect.

In our duplicate content guide, we explain everything from what Google considers unique content to why unique content is important in SEO.

How Much Original Text Is Required for a Page to be Considered “Unique”?

For a page to be considered unique content you need at least a 50% ratio.

The 50/50 minimum ratio appears to be the deciding factor for what Google considers unique content.

Tests for duplicate content vs unique content were vigorously tested by Kyle Roof from POP.

What Is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate content is content that appears on more than one page on Google. This means that the content is used on more than one page or one website.

Although duplicate content itself is not a penalty, too much duplicate content can lead to Google penalising sites and impacting search engine results pages.

The reason why duplicated content is a bad thing for websites is that it can cause Google some confusion as to which piece of content should rank.

How To Fix Duplicate Content

Although duplicate content may seem quite overwhelming in some cases, it is actually quite an easy fix. You simply need to remove any duplicated content from your site.

If the whole page is duplicated content, you should look to redirect the page with less power.

How Do You Determine if Google Sees Your Content as Unique?

The easiest way of determining if Google sees your content as unique is by using a plagiarism checker.

There are many free plagiarism checkers on the internet that will tell you if your content has been used anywhere else.

The other way of checking if your content is unique is by copying 10-20 words from your content and searching it on Google wrapped in quotation marks. This parameter searches for any web pages using these exact words.

Why Is Unique Content Important for SEO?

Unique content is really important for SEO as plagiarised/copied content will be flagged by Google and you will be unable to rank for your keyword.

If you are an expert in your field, your content should naturally be unique and you should not need to copy other content found on the internet. This is why duplicate content can be penalised as it shows you are not a reliable source of your field.

How Much Duplication Is Ok?

Although no major search engines have strictly defined a percentage of duplicated content to unique content, there have been many SEO experts that have given their opinion.


If you can provide unique text and original content you are rewarded more with higher rankings in Google SERP.

Google wants to reward pages that provide information gain to the web results.

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