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Link Building Case Study – FatRank

Backlinks are a huge part of helping your website rank for competitive search queries in Google search results. There are too many digital marketers who believe “great content” is enough. If you ever hear the phrase “If you publish great content, people will naturally link to me” then go and bang their head against a wall. […]

Internal Link Audit Service – FatRank

A popular post on our website is the 2023 SEO internal linking strategy. But I get many contact form submissions asking “Do you know a great internal link audit done-for-you service?” So the FatRank team have researched and analysed all the best internal linking auditors in April 2023. We sourced over a dozen internal linking […]

Google Duplicate Content Penalty – FatRank

If you are wondering if you can rank duplicate in Google Search Results we have you covered. Too many SEO specialists believe there is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty which is completely incorrect. In our duplicate content guide, we explain everything from what Google considers unique content to why unique content is important in SEO. […]

Google Disavow Tool SEO – FatRank

Backlinks are a huge ranking factor in April 2023 and if someone says otherwise are creating clickbait titles or selling an SEO course on content. Links are normally great and it is amazing when someone shares your content with their audience. Not all links are good and understanding problematic toxic links is just as important to […]

EEAT Quality Rater Guidelines – FatRank

Google has made significant changes to its (QRG) Quality Rater Guidelines for search. Google Quality Rater Guidelines have continuously been updated recently in their constant battle to try and improve the SERPs. The most important change to the Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG) is the introduction of the letter E to the start of the popular […]

CTR Geeks Course – FatRank

The CTR Geeks Course is a must-have if you are looking to become a CTR ninja that can dominate your SERP’s. If you are wondering “is it really a good idea to manipulate CTR?” then check out our CTR SEO guide. The problem in April 2023 is the majority of search engine optimisation specialists understand […]

Content Pruning Case Study – FatRank

Imagine deleting 20% of your content (192 Posts) and you see traffic increases. Crazy, right? The 80-20 SEO rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a familiar saying that asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event. Content pruning search engine optimisation strategies […]

Content Decay – FatRank

Content decay is a term used in the SEO community and also known as content rot or content drift. The content decay SEO term is a continuous decline in SERP organic traffic over time. In this Content Decay guide, we explain in the content lifecycle where traffic takes a downturn why this has happened and how to […]

Content Audit Service – FatRank

There are so many large websites suffering from partial panda penalties with low-quality pages on their site. But what do these website owners do about it? Write more irrelevant content and try to build topical authority. SEOs have a misconception about how to build topical authority and just build web pages for the sake of […]

Build An Iron Mindset – FatRank

There is a magical relationship between your thoughts and physical reality. The two realities are your inner reality and your outer reality. The inner reality is your thoughts, emotions and imagination. The outer realities are your behaviours,  circumstances, events and attitudes. If you can control your inner reality (which is your mindset) then you can […]