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Google Duplicate Content Penalty – FatRank

If you are wondering if you can rank duplicate in Google Search Results we have you covered. Too many SEO specialists believe there is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty which is completely incorrect. In our duplicate content guide, we explain everything from what Google considers unique content to why unique content is important in SEO. […]

Content Pruning Case Study – FatRank

Imagine deleting 20% of your content (192 Posts) and you see traffic increases. Crazy, right? The 80-20 SEO rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a familiar saying that asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event. Content pruning search engine optimisation strategies […]

Content Decay – FatRank

Content decay is a term used in the SEO community and also known as content rot or content drift. The content decay SEO term is a continuous decline in SERP organic traffic over time. In this Content Decay guide, we explain in the content lifecycle where traffic takes a downturn why this has happened and how to […]

Content Audit Service – FatRank

There are so many large websites suffering from partial panda penalties with low-quality pages on their site. But what do these website owners do about it? Write more irrelevant content and try to build topical authority. SEOs have a misconception about how to build topical authority and just build web pages for the sake of […]

AI Content Detection – FatRank

Many freelance content writers have started to write blog posts using AI content writing tools in March 2023. When paid by SEO agencies to write quality, unique content, copywriters or writers should not be using GPT-2, GPT-3 tools, GPT3.5 or ChatGPT. GPT4 by OpenAI is just around the corner, and LLM (large language models) like […]

Website Content Uploader – FatRank

As you scale your freelance SEO content writers you will need to hire website content uploaders in your team. You hear many stories of businesses ramping up their content production but forget who is going to upload the articles created. A website content uploader needs to not only publish the content but check and optimise […]

Standalone Content – FatRank

Standalone content is a necessity when optimising for the featured snippets. Google pull snippets of content to answer the questions searched in the search engines. When Google pulls this answer summary it has to make sense as standalone content in the SERPs. Take the question away and does the answer summary make sense as a […]

SEO Content Writers – FatRank

SEO content writers produce articles with an end goal of increasing organic traffic to their website. SEO-friendly blog posts may also attract backlinks which helps build authority and trust within Google. SEO content writers typically handle content with precision from topical research, common questions to using correlation tools like surfer seo. The best SEO copywriters […]

SEO Content Optimization Tools – FatRank

As the SEO industry is full of new tools we have been tasked to test, research and rate all the Best SEO Content Optimization Tools in January 2023. Many reviews online are fake or created with the angle of earning affiliate commissions so we thought we would specifically not create any affiliate links on this […]

SEO Content Audit Guide [Updated January 2023 ]

A content-heavy site needs an SEO Content Audit monthly. Your sites’ obsolete or low-quality content may be one of the problems that generate a drop in rankings sitewide in the search engines. The SEO Content Audit will show you how to identify the worst performing pages and the solutions to eliminate any potential panda penalties. […]