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Imagine any search term you want your site to rank for has an autofill suggestion with your brand after it?

It is estimated 75% of the search queries are influenced by Google Autocomplete. So many SEO gurus are making use of Search Box Optimization to make the users opt for their brand before hitting the search button.

Just think of the extra clicks your website will get if your brand appears more in the Google autosuggestions queries?

Marketers are triggering Google Suggests and not telling you about this well-kept secret.

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Marketers understand the Google Suggestions influence people’s search behaviour so it has become a huge buzzword in March 2023 inside private SEO groups.

The search engine manipulation effect (SEME) is the change in consumer preferences from manipulative strategies like triggering the Google Suggestions.

What is Google Suggest?

Google Suggest is “semi-automatic entry” which are Google’s keyword suggestions that appear as you type the first letters of a new search in Google.

The objective is to suggest search terms similar to the ones you are looking for, in order to save you time by anticipating the query.

Google Suggest is the semi-automatic completion feature that Google has implemented in its search engine. ‍

Autocomplete Manipulation Service

This feature allows searchers to obtain relevant suggestions associated with a specific request. ‍

For companies, having their brand displayed as a Google suggestion when the searcher makes a query allows them to get more qualified traffic.

Google created Google Suggest to help autocomplete the searchers predicted phrase (based on previous data).


The gif shows the Google Suggest with autocompleted phrases as you start with the opening letter.

Best Google Suggest Optimisation Company

The best Google Suggest Optimisation Company is because they can manipulate the search engine autocomplete algorithm.

The service includes adding your specific brand or search queries as “predictive search” in google’s search engine.

The power of service has made the company change to backdoor access only, with only VIP customers able to order the keyword auto-suggestions.

How Google Suggest Works

It is necessary to know the Google criteria for a suggestion to be triggered.

Google Suggest depends on the following:

  • The language and localisation of the Internet user
  • The keywords search volume
  • The trend of the keyword
  • How many times the keyword is mentioned on the web (must be crawlable by Google’s spider)
  • How many times the keyword is mentioned on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook
  • How many times the keyword is mentioned in anchor text links

The most important factor to triggering the Google Auto Suggest is the frequencies of a keyword typed by several Internet users that allow Google to integrate these different suggestions in its tool.

The most popular query on the internet will thus be listed first, then the second most popular, etc.

Why Should You Want To Influence the Google Predictive Search?

There are many reasons why you should want to influence the google predictive search.

Online Reputation Management

When potential customers are searching your business name you do not want to be presented with Google auto-complete search suggestions like:

  • Business Name Scam
  • Business Name Bad Reviews
  • Business Name Court Case
  • Business Name {BAD COMMENTS}

Having any of the above for your brand can harm your online reputation to new customers.

It is in your power to influence what kind of suggestions Google serves with online reputation management companies triggering the auto-complete search predictions.

Google Instant Autocomplete functionality is an overlooked component of online reputation management (ORM).

The auto-complete search predictions are fairly innocuous search suggestions and can be downright unflattering if not optimised.

Influence User Search Paths

It is estimated 75% of the search queries are influenced by Google Autocomplete.

The Google dropdown predictions tend to influence and direct user search habits to query paths they may have not otherwise been interested in pursuing.

Being able to influence the user search paths for potential new customers is a huge benefit to triggering the Google Predictive Search options.

Brand Awareness

Having your brand name show after your focus keywords raises your brand awareness massively.

In the human subconscious brain seeing the brand repeatedly helps influence business decisions.

The more brands are seen in the search autofill predictions the higher trust is given to those companies.

Google Autocomplete Reputation Management

Google instant predictions can work against brands if they have negative keywords in the dropdown like:

  • Brand + scam
  • Brand + alternative
  • Brand + fraud
  • Brand + abuse
  • Person + mugshot
  • Person + arrest

The Google Autocomplete feature is the auto-suggestion dropdown feature, which suggests terms as you type in a search query.

This google search dropdown suggests feature may just seem convenient at first, but it can damage your reputation if you do not carry out Google Autocomplete Reputation Management checks.

Auto-suggest is an important part of Google search engine optimization (SEO) and brands online should be hiring rep management companies to keep a positive Google Autocomplete list of suggestions.

It’s a way for Google to help users find what they’re looking for faster.


Google Autocomplete Reputation Management you can change any negative bias and update the predictions organically to keep a positive brand SERP.

Is Search Box Optimization Worth It?

Search Box Optimization is definitely worth it and a great SEO strategy in March 2023.

A recent survey claimed that 75% of the user search queries are affected by Google autosuggest.

Autocomplete Manipulation Service

That means if you carry out Google Search Box Optimization (SBO) you have much higher chances of increasing traffic to your website.

Carrying out Google Suggest Manipulation or Google Autocomplete Manipulation techniques can become expensive and we strongly recommend using a professional company like AutoSuggest.Me who continuously manipulate google autosuggest.

How Long Does the Search Query in Google Suggest Last?

The term in Google Suggest dropdown will last forever depending upon the interaction of the user with Google after clicking on the auto-suggest term.

If the user who searches the term does no interact with the SERPs then Google can demote your search query from their google search box autocomplete.

It is very important when doing search box optimization to interact with the SERPs when searching for your brand.

Searches without any engagement or interaction can negatively affect the search query from showing in the future.

When Google Autocomplete Manipulation companies add brand terms to the search predictions they specifically say maintenance is needed or searches need to be continuously happening for the Google Suggest to last.

Google Autocomplete Algorithm

The Google Autocomplete Algorithm is powered by RankBrain.

As a key component of Google’s machine learning keyword auto-suggestions search algorithm, Rankbrain uses deep learning that helps users get better results.

Many marketers are looking to manipulate the Google Autocomplete Algorithm to help improve the “predictive search” in google’s search engine for their brands.

A huge element of the Google Autocomplete Algorithm is the volume of previous searches for the search query and if the same key phrase is searched Rankbrain start to predict other users might be looking for that specific query.

Interesting Facts About Google Autocomplete

Ben Gomes (VP, Search Engineering) and Chris Haire (Product Manager, Autocomplete) from Google’s search team take the Autocomplete Interview and answer the Internet’s most searched questions about Google autocomplete and search.

An extract from the video which was important is this answer.

“We look at the actual searches that are done on Google and show common searches and trends that are relevant to the characters entered and that are also related to your location and previous searches.”

This interesting answer shows you that if you get your CTR calculations right for keyphrases you want in the Google autocomplete you can trigger google suggests.

How Do I Trigger Google Suggest?

Here are the best ways to trigger the Google Suggest dropdown predictions when users start to type in the search bar.

Searches of Keywords You Want To Influence

The way to trigger Google Suggest Autocomplete is making actual google searches for the phrase you want to appear.

The best technique for making these google searches is utilising CTR Manipulation.

There is a number of tools like Autosuggest or Search Suggestion Optimization that helps businesses grow their search volume for targeted keywords.

But the important factor in all this lies in the management of the click-through rate ratio and the following information.


Google needs to keep their results up to date with the information that is correct in March 2023.

The best products in 2020 are not necessarily the best now in March 2023 and that is why they released the caffeine update to reward fresher results.

Caffeine Google Update

The same applies to the search suggestions where they need to be showing the latest trends in searches.

The Caffeine Freshness was created to delivering fresher and more recent search information.


When you want a keyphrase in French then the exact french keyphrase needs searching for in Google Search Bar.

The language of the visitor needs to match the query you want to trigger in Google Suggest.


More than 150 countries are available for Google Search.

CTR can be done from a targeted location and a targeted browser which is needed to trigger the Google Suggest.

When you choose a country, such as France, searches are made from with the Chrome browser in French.

Searching in will add the phrases to Google Suggest for the geolocation of France only.

Keyword Search Volume

Search Volume is the most important factor in triggering Google Suggest.

To display your target phrase as a Google suggestion, you will need to build search volume greater than 200 searches per month.

Keyword Trend

Create a trend around your target search query you want to trigger in the Google Suggest.

The more the keyword is searched in a short period of time, the higher its trend.

We recommend searching over several months to break your keyphrases into the autocomplete search bar but higher search volumes bolster the keyword trends.

Mentions On The Internet

If a key phrase is being searched a lot in Google but has zero mentions of the exact search query on the internet it struggles to trigger the google suggestion.

Mentions of the search term on the internet that is crawlable by the spiders help influence google to autocomplete predictions.

Mentions On Social Media

If a search query is being searched a lot in Google but has zero mentions of the exact keywords on social media platforms it struggles to trigger the google suggestion.

Mentions of the search term on social media that is crawlable by the spiders help influence google to autocomplete predictions.

Twitter and Facebook (set to public and not private accounts) are two big social media platforms that can influence the autocomplete.

The Search URL Hack

The hack using the search URL is where you:

  1. Open the Google TLD you want queries to be added to the Google Suggest
  2. Search the Target Query in the search bar
  3. Copy The URL
  4. Paste this URL on your social media and email campaigns
  5. The people who click the link will, in turn, be searching your target query in the target Google TLD you want them to

So for example, if I wanted to get the phrase triggering google suggest fatrank in the Google Suggest. The link should direct you to for that specific phrase.

Case Study Examples

All this talk of Google Suggest Autocomplete sounds great. But show me live examples of this working.

A huge casino comparison based out of the UK then KingCasinoBonus do a great job at building their autocomplete in the Google Suggest.

Google AutoComplete King Casino Bonus

As you can see the amount of autocompletes this brand receives is amazing.

Signal Boy

The Google Suggest Manipulation technique to trigger the autosuggest for “Buy Social Signals Signal Boy” with a rocket emoji was a great to unfold.

Signal Boy ran competitions where if their customer base searched the term they found that weeks coupon code for discounts.

Enticing the search query built popularity and similarity to purchasing social signals and helped them insert brand name into the search predictions.

Google Suggest Manipulation - Signal Boy

As you can see the brand name of Signal Boy managed to be shown in the list of Google search predictions.

Surfer SEO

The Google Suggest Manipulation technique triggers the autosuggest for “Surfer SEO Fatrank” with a ranking boner emoji.

Fatrank ran competitions where if their customer base searched the term they found that weeks free training program.

As you can see the brand name of Fatrank managed to be shown in the list of Google search predictions when typing “Surfer SEO”.

Ecommerce Brand

Ecommerce brands are finding ways to add their brand name to the end of the most profitable products they sell.

Google Autocomplete Manipulation - Ecommerce Brand

The expert camper managed to manipulate google autosuggest by triggering the autosuggest for the term “best family tents”.

Brent Payne

The autosuggest feature was originally introduced in September 2010 and Brent Payne was one of the first to see an opportunity here. released what they referred to as “a new search enhancement that shows results as you type,” appropriately labelled Google Instant.

As you can see below Brent Payne famously triggered this search query.


Brent Payne published his experiment proving that using a high volume of queries with mechanical turk for specific keywords was impacting the suggestion feature.

Mechanical turk have a private network with actual individuals who can begin typing trending keywords from different IP addresses to spark a viral on google app.

How Many Searches to Manipulate Google AutoSuggest?

To manipulate your keyword into Google AutoSuggest you need to search 142,561 times within 28 days.

If you do one search too many or too little you will not get the Google Autocomplete Manipulation added.

Ok so this metric is completely made up and the answer is what you know – IT DEPENDS.

Triggering the keyword search predictions depend on the search volume of the mother keyword and in March 2023 it is not solely based on searches.

Other factors come into play to manipulate the autosuggest and this is why we strongly recommend hiring a specialist to carry out the works needed.

Different IP addresses are a must to show actual individuals are looking for trending keywords in the search results.

Manipulating Google Autocomplete Is the Latest Buzzword

In all the private SEO masterminds manipulating the google autocomplete is the hot topic in March 2023.

Being able to influence 75% of your potential clients to search the key phrase with your brand is a complete winner.

Optimise Autocomplete Manipulation

The process of tricking Google to put your brand or blog name in Google suggest is called one of the following in private SEO groups:

  • Search Box Optimization (SBO)
  • Google Suggest Manipulation
  • Google Autocomplete Manipulation
  • Insert Branded Google Keyword Suggest
  • Add Brand to Google Autofill

Popular Questions

Where do Google suggestions come from?

Google Suggestions come from popularity or similarity in previous searches.

Search keyword predictions are built into Google Search Bar to help you find information faster and easier.

Google has historic information of searches and tries to predict what you are looking to search to save the users time.

When you choose a google autosuggest prediction from the dropdown, you do a search using the search query you selected.

How to influence google autocomplete?

Here are the best strategies on how to influence Google Autocomplete:

  • Search volume of the keywords you want to influence
  • The location of the searches
  • How many mentions of the keyphrase on the internet
  • Mentions of the keywords on social media (like Twitter and Facebook)

It is a holistic SEO approach to influence Google Autocomplete.

Why does Google autocomplete this query?

Google Autocompletes your query to help users complete a search they are intending to do.

Google designed the autocomplete predictions you are most likely to continue entering in the search bar.

Google use autocomplete to assist, help and save time for users searching on the internet.

Are Google search suggestions personalized?

Yes, Google Search Suggestions are personalised to the web history stored on the device.

Historical web history searches help assist Google to better predict the searches you are looking to make.

When you’re signed in, Google stores your information to attempt to provide the most useful and relevant content based on your search.

How can autocomplete help you find information?

The Google Autocomplete helps you find information better because when you begin typing a search query into the search box Googe gives amazing predictions based on the huge dataset of previous searches they have stored.

Google Autocomplete offers dynamic predictions so you can reach the desired results page faster.

According to Google, the powerful autocomplete feature saves users 200 years of typing time per day.

How do I use Google autocomplete for SEO?

You can use Google autocomplete for SEO by getting your brand name in the predictions.

The holy grail of SEO is getting your website ranking for your focus keywords.

But go one step better and influence your searchers to not only search for your focus keyword but include your brand name as part of the search completed.

What is google predictive search?

Google predictive search is predicting the search query before the user has completed the search.

The predictive search in Google is an autocomplete feature that makes it faster to complete searches that you start to type.

The google autocomplete algorithm generates predictions that help people save time by allowing them to quickly complete the search they already intended to do.


Internally to my team, I name triggering the google suggest as Search Suggest Optimization.

In the SEO Groups, they call this Google Autocomplete Manipulation or Google Suggest Manipulation and it has been the latest buzzwords in March 2023.

Google autocomplete predictions have a significant impact on consumer choices, mainly because users trust and choose auto-suggested keywords that show in Google Autosuggest

If looking to enhance your brand exposure purchase a done for you service on Google Autocomplete Manipulation below.

But when searching for microsites to carry out freelance work it is commonly known as Search Box Optimization.

Adding your brand or blog name to popular search queries hugely improves your online reputation for your brand. ‍

Autocomplete Manipulation CTR

When using CTR SEO allows you to increase the success rate of your business in triggering Google Suggest.

Although CTR Manipulation acts on the trend of your keywords, their monthly search volume, and the geographical location of searches, we do encourage other methods for you to try and build your search query like the search URL hack.

Start grabbing those google suggestions for search queries you want to show up in the autocomplete search bar.

The auto-suggested keywords are affecting a user’s behaviour, tweaking their query and often distracting them from what they were initially searching.

Choose a reliable Google Suggest Optimisation company with positive reviews because there are many spam sites offering to carry out the manipulation method.

Google Search Suggestion Buzz Words

Online reputation companies work on Google Suggest Optimisation services.

At SEO Masterminds they regularly promote services like:

  • add to google search dropdown
  • add to google search suggestions
  • add to google autofill predictions
  • add to google autocomplete
  • add to google instant suggestions
  • add to google search box
  • add to google prediction dropdown
  • add to google instant dropdown list
  • add a brand to google search auto-corrections
  • add auto-suggested terms to affect a user’s search behaviour

With the best social media tools, audiences and understanding of the optimisation work involved many ORM companies can manipulate google autocomplete.

Optimise Auto Suggest Manipulation

The best Google Suggest Optimisation company we have used is AUTOSUGGEST.ME who have continuously manipulated the auto-complete predictions to add brand terms and business names to the end of money keywords to be found by new potential customers.

Searches Associated With Predictive Search in Google’s Search Engine

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