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Link Building Case Study – FatRank

Backlinks are a huge part of helping your website rank for competitive search queries in Google search results. There are too many digital marketers who believe “great content” is enough. If you ever hear the phrase “If you publish great content, people will naturally link to me” then go and bang their head against a wall. […]

Internal Linking SEO Case Study

In our Internal Linking SEO Case Study, we can’t reveal the niche and domain for obvious reasons, but we will explain the whole process of how we grew a website traffic by solely improving the internal linking silo structure. The Industry Problem Before We Start When carrying out professional search engine optimisation audits for businesses […]

Google My Business SEO Case Study

If you are a local business trying to generate more phone calls, business visits, or website hits, continue reading. I am about to show you how our team was able to rank a GMB and generate an extra £2800/$3500 in 3 weeks. For the biggest GMB SEO ranking factor that nobody mentions, continue to the […]

Content Pruning Case Study – FatRank

Imagine deleting 20% of your content (192 Posts) and you see traffic increases. Crazy, right? The 80-20 SEO rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, is a familiar saying that asserts that 80% of outcomes (or outputs) result from 20% of all causes (or inputs) for any given event. Content pruning search engine optimisation strategies […]

Aged Domain Case Study – FatRank

We bought an affiliate on an aged domain that had suffered badly from sudden drops in organic traffic. Our Aged Domain Case Study will show you everything we did to bring the website back to its glory days. The results made this aged domain case study one of the best SEO case studies in 2023. […]

SEO Case Studies – FatRank

Learn how SEOs in virtually all industries find ways to scale their organic rankings online. Within the SEO Case Studies, you will learn the best practices from some of the highest-earning affiliates and hopefully be educated with some knowledge bombs. Watch the video below to understand how important SEO case studies are and how you […]

AwayGrounds ODYS Live Case Study

Here is a live case study to show you the power of building a site out on an aged niche relevant domain. Odys.Global is my go-to provider of these niche relevant domains and for more information on the supplier check out our guide to ODYS premium domains. Are you ready to be kept in the […]