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Link Audit Service – Backlink Removal Services 2023

We are going to explain why carrying out proactive link audits might be the best money you spend on digital marketing. Struggling to improve your traffic for your website or even worse suffering from a huge drop in rankings? Here is the plan – let’s go out and acquire more backlinks. NOOOOO!! Stop listening to […]

Backlink Doctor – Professional Link Audit Company

Maybe you have spotted some bad backlinks in an SEO tool such as SEMRush, Majestic, Moz, Link Research Tools, or Ahrefs? Unnatural links linking to your site can cause an algorithmic penalty. Backlink Doctor provides professional Link Audits and removal of Google Manual Actions. The team at Backlink Doctor has audited thousands of websites and […]

SEO Backlink Audit – WJ UK

Are you finding it hard to get your website ranking for important keywords? We speak to a lot of companies who are struggling to rank for high-value search terms that their competitors are getting. What can we do to help? Here at Fatrank, we have conducted a backlink profile audit for WJ UK’s website. They […]

SEO Backlink Audit – SEO21

Do you need to improve your website’s search engine rankings? Are your competitors outranking you for high-value keywords? Don’t worry, it’s a problem a lot of companies have, but there are some solutions such as a backlink audit service which can help you make big improvements. Here at Fatrank we have conducted an SEO Backlink Audit […]

SEO Backlink Audit – HLR LOOKUP

Are you looking to improve your website’s backlink profile? Struggling to rank for keywords that your competitors are dominating? It’s a common problem we see time and time again with businesses who want to boost their site traffic with high-value keywords. Fatrank has carried out an SEO Backlink Audit for the HLR Lookup website. This is a […]

SEO Backlink Audit – Boomtown Bingo

Here at Fatrank, we have conducted an SEO Backlink Audit for the Boomtown Bingo website. This is a site that features reviews for online gambling sites including bingo and casinos. They wanted to learn how to boost traffic to their site and rank better in Google for high-value keywords. Keep reading to see our backlink […]

SEO Backlink Audit – Advansys Website Design

Struggling to rank your money site higher in Google search results? We often get asked to carry out a disavow service on domains that are not ranking for keywords which could drive a large volume of enquiries. It can be frustrating putting your time and effort into a website and not seeing the results you want. […]

SEO Backlink Audit – Soft Surfaces Ltd

Having trouble ranking your website on Google? Don’t worry; lots of companies find it difficult to get their sites ranking for keywords they know will make them more money. We can help you improve your reach and drive a larger volume of enquiries to your company’s website. (Stay tuned to see how.) At Fatrank, we have […]

Is a Mention as Powerful as a Backlink?

Unlinked mentions are not as powerful as a backlink for your SEO efforts but that does not mean it is not worth trying to get. Unlinked mentions aka implied links are certainly gaining in power each year. Google measures “brand authority” and brand mentions are an indirect ranking factor. Building your brand awareness with implied […]

Backlink Atrophy – FatRank

Are your Backlinks declining in value? Does Google really have engrained into their algorithm a system to degenerate, decline or carry out backlink deterioration? Backlink Atrophy is where Google gradually decline a backlinks effectiveness or vigour due to underuse or neglect. If the existing backlink has no engagement or tier two links pointing to it, the link […]