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The Guide To YouTube SEO Ranking

YouTube is a huge platform that can be used to reach a huge amount of potential customers/viewers. With it having an average of 1 billion unique users signing in every month, it’s no wonder why so many people wish to be able to rank their videos and youtube channels high on the platform. Are you […]

Ultimate Guide to GMB SEO

With a bunch of different search engines available, it’s easy to say that Google is the most popular. Google My Business (GMB) listings are a sure-fire way to attracting more enquiries to your business. Do you have a GMB Listing setup? And more importantly, have you optimised your GMB Listing to rank position one? If […]

The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global – Our Domains, Your SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global, which is an internet marketing company, who focuses on selling premium domains. What makes Odys. Global a superb company is they have now added a done for you website build on these premium domains. ODYS stands for “Our Domains, Your SEO“. Invite Only The “Our Domains, Your SEO” registration is […]

SEO Content Audit Guide [Updated January 2023 ]

A content-heavy site needs an SEO Content Audit monthly. Your sites’ obsolete or low-quality content may be one of the problems that generate a drop in rankings sitewide in the search engines. The SEO Content Audit will show you how to identify the worst performing pages and the solutions to eliminate any potential panda penalties. […]

LinkedIn Prospecting Guide – FatRank

How is Linkedin Beneficial? First and foremost let’s start off with why every business and individual should have a profile. Linkedin social media platform is a professional network where you connect to all potential clients, suppliers and influencers. Lots of people also use it when looking for new careers or job vacancies in their industry. […]

Link Juice Backlinks Guide | Link Equity Explanation

Link juice is a term used by SEO marketers which are actually known by Google as ‘PageRank’. Link juice is the value of a backlink passed to your URL from an external webpage in terms of ranking signal and power. I have seen this post By Charles on Link Juice Guide and as I regularly […]

Guest Post Placement Guide October 2022

Nowadays the Google algorithm is harder to manipulate than ever before and quality over quantity of backlinks is key. Guest posting is writing content for another website. Guest bloggers write on topically related websites to their industry to attract traffic to their site. Guest post placements are an amazing SEO link building strategy in October […]

Blog Commenting Advanced Guide For SEO

Welcome to an in-depth look into the various techniques of advanced blog commenting. Before we get started, its worth me clarifying that when properly applied, blog commenting is not a spammy technique, and yes it is still great for ranking in the SERPs. Despite this, blog commenting will only produce amazing results if done the […]

Advanced Reddit SEO Guide July 2022

What is Reddit? Reddit is a social news aggregation site where you can set up a personal or branded profile. The popular website www.reddit.com goes by the slogan, “The front page to the Internet.” The name is a play on words for the phrase “I read it on Reddit”. The huge domain can be a […]