The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global – Our Domains, Your SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global, which is an internet marketing company, who focuses on selling premium domains.

What makes Odys. Global a superb company is they have now added a done for you website build on these premium domains.

ODYS stands for “Our Domains, Your SEO“.

Invite Only

The “Our Domains, Your SEO” registration is an invite-only dashboard.

They are trying to review all applications and often times refuse signup if we believe it poses a risk to the domains inventory or marketplace.

The owners I have personally worked with for years and they have created me a backdoor access point here:


Now although this is a registration link with the ability to get access I would make you aware applications might be rejected if they believe you are not the right candidate.

Please be aware these sites will be awesome domains and well built to kickstart your affiliate sites. But you will still need to keep building these out further, building new links, creating new content and improving the websites to rank for more keywords.

Why Our Domains Your SEO are Thriving?

The reason why Odys.Global are thriving is because the results they achieve repeatably in the SEO industry.

Any big affiliate marketers understand the Google Random Ranking Factor and some domains struggle to rank even with the best SEO practices.

Yet others you do not seem to give as much love and attention to can thrive and do much better in commissions you could ever imagine.

Well, Odys.Global is making waves in the affiliate industry because the premium domains are constantly killing it online.

“The domains are amazing with metrics, age, and authority. And the turnkey website builds created are perfectly optimised with technical SEO, content, silo and designed with conversion rate optimization to the forefront of the builds. I strongly recommend ‘Our Domains, Your SEO’ to anyone looking to build any digital assets online”

In my opinion, I can only see services like Odys. Global growing in years to come because building affiliate sites out on powerful domains to start with giving you the headstart every marketer needs.

ODYS Review

ODYS is a great platform for anyone who is looking to invest their cash into digital assets.

With thousands of sites available to purchase, from all different niches, there’s no better place to get your domains from.

Check out our review of ODYS ready-made affiliate sites:

As you can see in the video review of ODYS what is great about the portfolio of domains available to buy is they are all aged and never been spammed or abused. Having these checks prior to being added to the ODYS platform is a great feature.

Odys Global Voucher Code

The ODYS Global Voucher Code is as you signup you need to mention JAMES DOOLEY at FATRANK who is a premier partner of the Our Domains Your SEO company.

The promotional offer is you receive a free $100 credit added to your balance.

The easiest way of receiving this ODYS Global Voucher Code of a free $100 credit is by clicking this link which automatically gets you backdoor access to the dashboard and adds $100 straight to your balance completely for free:


What do Our Domains Your SEO Supply?

The ‘Our Domains, Your SEO’ supply a turnkey did for you solution for affiliate websites online.

Premium Domain Vendor

For many years the owners have been at the forefront selling premium domain names globally. Here is a list of the types of domains they sell on a daily basis:

  • expired domains seller
  • premium auction domains
  • 301 redirect domains
  • expired niche relevant domains
  • aged niche relevant domains
  • high authority old relevant domains
  • high domain rank expiring websites
  • brandable expired TLDs
  • expiring non dropped TLDs
  • high traffic domains
  • SEO domains
  • brandable domains for money sites
  • brandable auction domains

They only sell hand-picked domains with clean profiles, brandable names, and authoritative backlinks in the most sought-after niches.

Pre Made Websites

Not got time to start an affiliate site build?

At “Our Domains, Your SEO” they have a selection of pre-made turnkey websites in various niches.

Here are the types of prebuilt websites Odys carry out:

  • trusted done for you affiliate sites
  • pre-made niche specific affiliate sites
  • done for you lead generation websites
  • aged authority amazon affiliate websites
  • done for you amazon affiliate sites
  • done for you money making websites
  • genuine online money earning sites
  • DFY built online digital assets
  • prebuilt money earning digital assets

You get instant recognition from your visitors, competitors and potential partners with a highly professional and modern design.

The content is carefully crafted to build trust and credibility. See your conversion rates improve with 100% unique content from highly experienced copywriters.

The designs of the pre-made websites are built with CRO in mind to improve your commissions from your traffic.

Odys.Global Domains Vs New Domains

A new domain requires a lot of investment and takes a lifetime before ranking on search engine results.

But with Odys. Global domains you have the following straight off the bat:

  • Powerful backlinks that can save you tens of thousands of link building costs
  • Aged domains have existing trust and authority which Google loves a lot
  • Ability to rank higher as you launch these sites with existing trust and authority

Fresh domains need to build up trust with Google so this service is a must-have for scaling your digital assets portfolio.

Profitable Digital Assets

I am a huge advocate to build out and invest in digital assets online.

Ready to launch a new affiliate website?

Or maybe you want to add to your growing collection of digital assets?

This is where ODYS can help you scale the whole process.


Get an affiliate site that generates sales fast — and saves you months of startup work.

The prebuilt affiliate websites are what eliminates the months of painful efforts when starting these online businesses.

ODYS gets your authority affiliate site up and running fast – saving you months of research, effort, and work.


Skip months of content development and link building and let ODYS find a turnkey online business for you.

You tell them what you need and they will select the best domain from their huge inventory.

Excellent for online entrepreneurs with extra cash that’s just sitting in their bank account.

“Make your Money Work for You!!”

Want to acquire an online business? REGISTER WITH ODYS and see what domains are available for your next affiliate site.


You’ve built a nice online business asset?

The exit is super simple and there are several domain selling platforms like Broker My Business, FE International or Empire Flippers being the most popular.

But before you sell let me ask you one question – ‘Would you sell your house if you predicted it will rise in price in the next few years?’

If you would not then do not sell your online website yet because online assets are rising in price every single month.

Popular Questions

?️ Why Build On Odys Domains?

The reason you build domains from ODYS is that they have existing power.

As the ODYS domains have a current powerful link profile you bypass the sandbox new websites encounter.

Build sites at scale and invest into growing your digital asset portfolio.


? Reinvest
? Repeat.

? Why Flip Money Making Sites from ODYS?

You should flip money making sites on ODYS because it gives you a large capital payout.

Algorithm updates happen regularly and if you get the chance for a life-changing sum you should look to flip the site.

This money from the ODYS website you have sold can be reinvested into a dozen new domains for you to grow out.

? Why Reinvest in ODYS Domains?

You should look to reinvest in ODYS Domains because it gives you that headstart ahead of starting from new.

Once you have flipped your new money-making site you will have the capital to reinvest and more importantly have the standard operating procedure to grow faster.

Reinvestment is one of the main factors entrepreneurs will educate you to carry out in masterminds.

? Why Repeat the Buying and Flipping Process?

Repeating the buying and selling process is great for businesses because you have the processes in place to rinse and repeat your strategies in February 2023.

The more purchases and sales you do of ODYS domains the more knowledge you acquire from every step of the journey.


Being a huge believer since the early days in investing in digital assets then ODYS is a superb platform to help you scale this.

I rarely review or promote products but this service where it is a done for you solution is perfect for many people wanting to get into affiliate marketing.


Do your research before entering a niche and I would recommend understanding the industry you are entering because will help you become the expert.

Go through this link here to get backdoor access into the “Our Domains, Your SEO” platform and would love your feedback on this.

Interview With ODYS Owner

As I reviewed the Odys.The global platform I thought it would make sense to interview the owner Alex Drew to see his mindset behind the business entity.

Why did you launch ODYS?

We’ve launched ODYS in order to cover all existing gaps in the pre-owned domains and the affiliate site building industry.

Our goal is to create a truly amazing invite-only platform where screened investors can get access to cherry-picked domain names and have us build full-blown authority affiliate sites for them with SEO and PERFORMANCE in mind, sites that stand a very high chance of ranking and being flipped for a hefty profit.

ODYS is going to combine our 13+ years’ experience in the business and we’re one hundred per cent dedicated to building the best experience for anyone seeking to either get started with a niche affiliate site, diversify their income or scale their website flipping empire.

What does O.D.Y.S stand for?

ODYS stands for “O.UR D.OMAINS, Y.OUR S.EO”, even though we are going to cover pretty much all of your initial SEO with our website building services, should an investor decide to upgrade their domain acquisition and let us build an authority affiliate or local lead generation site for them.

How would you describe ODYS in 100 words or less?

ODYS GLOBAL is a domain investment marketplace. We focus on cherry-picking and selling brandable, powerful, niche relevant SEO domains, names that are the very strong foundation for building profitable affiliate or lead generation sites.

Right now, the focus is on top gTLDs like com/net/org, but we are also adding more inventory targeting local markets and planning to be offering site-building services on our domains for all viable international SEO verticals.

Why offer site building services?

In February 2023 we’ve done an extensive study analyzing over 500 previously sold amazingly brandable and strong money site domains and discovered that less than 10% of these have actually been built into real sites, meaning the other 90% simply bought the domain and were on the verge of letting it expire and eventually lose money.

While the actual usage of the domain is none of our business once the sale is closed, we’ve decided to get in touch with our trusted repeated buyers and discovered that the industry really needs a brand new affiliate site-building service, most people lacking the time, resources and sometimes even knowledge to successfully launch a new website in the shortest possible time and basically get things done.

We’ve also discovered that money/capital is not always the main problem, as erroneously thought before.

When Buying Ready Made Affiliate Site Will It Has My Personal Affiliate Links On?

Yes once you have bought the domain from the ODYS dashboard we will get your personal affiliate links to load into the done for you site builds.

An ODYS support ticket is automatically created once a sale is made and our affiliate website building team gets in touch with the client in order to tackle all issues related to the process, including affiliate links.

For Amazon affiliate sites, we ask the client to provide secondary and limited account access to [email protected] in order for our team to generate affiliate links and add them to the money pages as they are being built and uploaded.

In other words, there is minimum interaction required and once we get secondary access to the client’s account nothing else is necessary. We literally take the site from zero to hero and have everything built ourselves.

What’s the secret formula?

The secret formula is in understanding and perfectly matching industry-relevant cherry-picked domains with a potent money-making niche.

When you do it correctly and Google approves of the chemistry, you get one of those so-called ‘traffic boners’ or ‘unicorns’ growth graphs. And yes, link building is not even required in the initial phase.

In fact, we do not recommend any other investment in a new site until you get PROOF OF TRACTION (except blazing fast hosting, relevant pre-owned domains and a perfectly made content plan of at least 100k words, service obviously included in our site-building process).

Domain and website investors can learn more about our domains and services in the member’s area if their application gets approved.

How can FatRank readers join ODYS?

In order to safeguard the interest of our existing clients, ODYS shall remain invite-only.

Only existing members can vet for and onboard other trusted people via our referral system.


FatRank readers can take advantage of the unique and limited sign-up link we’ve created on your behalf and register via this registration link.

We’re currently allowing only 50 people to become members. Registration doesn’t guarantee your application is going to be approved.

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