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You’ll adore the user-friendly and easy Keyword Chef dashboard if you’re bewildered by full-stack SEO and marketing tools that do everything from one confusing dashboard.

Keyword Chef is a keyword tool that aids in the discovery of profitable keyword phrases that are easier to rank for than similar search terms. This software can find keywords for you based on your input, weeding out any irrelevant terms. It can also find low competition keywords for bloggers.

Keyword Chef can examine the SERPs to determine how accessible each relevant keyword is. Learn more in this Keyword Chef review.

Keyword Chef Overview

Despite its simplicity, this keyword research tool has a lot of advantages. As a result, it’s generally better than other keyword research tools on the market.

Here are a few advantages to using Keyword Chef:

Easy to Learn

You should learn how to utilise Keyword Chef fast.

One of the most significant advantages of using Keyword Chef is that learning how to use it takes very little time. It takes roughly 10 minutes to become familiar with this tool.

With the help of its built-in tutorials, you’ll be able to master it after just a few searches.

Straightforward Instructions

Instructions are conveniently located within the dashboard.

Some tools come with inadequate (or no) instructions. After purchasing a new program, the first thing you have to do is search YouTube for good tutorials, and it’s always a nuisance.

Keyword Chef, on the other hand, does not have this issue. The dashboard provides helpful suggestions and nudges, and the tool’s operation is so straightforward that it’s easy to grasp right away.

Fast Keyword Searches

Most tools take longer than Keyword Chef to locate accessible long-tail keywords.

Specific SEO tools require lengthy, complicated methods to locate an excellent long-tail term. You can find a word in seconds and filter the competition right away using Keyword Chef.

The user interface is well-organised, making it simple to identify all of your long-tail keywords without going through extra bells and whistles. You may also export all of your data to CSV format, which you can save and use however you like.

Better Keyword Searching

A good keyword research tool will identify terms that other “better” programs overlook.

Several SEO software platforms charge $99 or more per month to access their tools. You would believe that this means that all of these tools will perform flawlessly, but that isn’t always the case.

Instead of wading through row after row of unhelpful suggestions, you can use Keyword Chef to uncover the exact keywords and long-tail phrases you need for a low price.

Wild Card Searches

To make finding even more manageable, this tool supports the usage of wildcard characters.

An asterisk can denote a wildcard variable when entering a root search word. Keyword Chef may now “fill in the blanks” with several recommendations. This is an excellent technique to uncover high-value keywords related to specific phrases or concepts.


To put it another way, Keyword Chef is less expensive than other keyword tools. It gives plenty of power at a pricing that is unlikely to break your budget, starting at just $20 for 1200 credits.

Try Keyword Chef and take advantage of its cost-effective pricing structure if you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on software.

Services Offered By Keyword Chef

Let’s have a look at the features of this tool now. There aren’t many because it’s a simple tool, yet it’s all-powerful and straightforward to use. Keyword Chef offers the following services:

Discover Feature

Keyword Chef’s primary role is to do exactly what you’re expecting from it. The Discover panel will greet you when you log in to your dashboard. This is where you will conduct all of your keyword research.

You can type a keyword or phrase into the Discover tab’s search term bar. You can also choose which types of terms you want to find from a convenient dropdown menu.

SERP Checker

The SERP checker function searches the search engine results page for each phrase and finds any ranking forums and sites on page one, such as Quora and Linkedin. This is beneficial since it eliminates the need to search for each keyword and determine who ranks first manually.

The SERP checker also displays a list of the top 10 currently ranking sites.

Keyword Filters

To find what you need, you may need to look at data differently. That is the purpose of Keyword Chef’s keyword filters. Depending on what’s most relevant for your website, you can select by keyword clusters or particular criteria like search volume and SERP score.

Keyword Chef Contact Details

For more information on Keyword Chef, you can check out their website or send an email to their customer support team:

Keyword Chef Reviews

Here are some customer reviews about Keyword Chef:

I’m one of the first users of Keyword Chef and immediately saw how it could help my business. The fact that it allows for wildcards within searches and all of the different search intent triggers is something that I absolutely love. –Ron Stefanski,$20k month earner at

I used $20 credits and found 1095 results. I found 26 golden keywords I can target straight away out of them. Thanks, Keyword Chef, for saving my time on analyzing hundreds of keywords at once. –Vishal Mahadik, Keyword Research Expert and Niche Website Flipper at

The wildcard search keeps hours sorting in other tools and makes finding low comp keywords for a topic fast and easy. Highly recommend! –Daniel Cuttridge, On-page SEO expert and award-winning web designer

Keyword Chef is my keyword tool of choice for finding low competition and ‘under-the-radar’ keywords. Its clean design, excellent pricing structure and speed make it a real hidden gem. –Lewis Ogden, Owner at

KeywordChef has been a game-changer for me. It surfaces profitable keywords that are surprisingly not found in the leading SEO tools. My favourite is the SERP score feature that makes sure you target the keywords that are easy to rank. –Swadhin Agrawal, Founder at

I cannot stop using Keyword Chef. I highly recommend it for people producing a lot of content. –HuuVan Tran, Online Content Publisher


To sum up this Keyword Chef review, if you want to identify long-tail keywords that are easier to rank for than other search phrases in your niche, this keyword research tool will be ideal for you.

Finding these keywords using free tools like Google Keyword Planner is challenging. It requires a lot of effort, even with some pricey tools.

A unique keyword finding tool is the answer. One of the best out there is Keyword Chef.

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