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The Three Search Engine Keyword Types

Millions of individuals search for products and services on the web each day. It is important to consider the various keyword terms that people use when looking for the information or product they need. “Too rank websites now you need to cover all three types of keywords to cover the niche in its entirety” SEO […]

Keyword Cupid Review – FatRank

Do you often find yourself lost amongst a pile of hundreds or even thousands of potential keywords? You have exported all the keywords your competition are ranking for in ahrefs or in semrush. You are super pumped because they all seem like great growth opportunities that you want to target with relevant pieces of content? […]

Keyword Clustering – FatRank

Keyword Research has been made easy to carry out because of amazing tools like ahrefs and semrush. But segmenting these keywords to determine what pages need writing can be tiresome and time-consuming. Many SEOs fail when carrying out their content roadmaps because: One web page can rank for multiple keywords, but too many SEOs create […]

Keyword Chef Review – FatRank

You’ll adore the user-friendly and easy Keyword Chef dashboard if you’re bewildered by full-stack SEO and marketing tools that do everything from one confusing dashboard. Keyword Chef is a keyword tool that aids in the discovery of profitable keyword phrases that are easier to rank for than similar search terms. This software can find keywords […]

Best Keyword Research Techniques for August 2022

This is an update for the post below which was written at the beginning of 2016 but the updates will carry on into 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond. Although all of the points mentioned in the original post are still relevant to keyword research strategies, there are a number of updated tips that we would […]