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Content Harmony has put together a solid product that has similar functionality to Frase, Surfer SEO and MarketMuse when it comes to creating content briefs.

Content Harmony is a great fit for SEO and content teams who want to build awesome content briefs and optimize their content.

The data-driven content brief workflow ensures that your writers produce comprehensive content that meets your SEO & brand requirements. You can get started for $10 for your first 10 brief workflow credits here –

After a lot of testing and analysis, we found Content Harmony to be a great tool to help create amazing content briefs. But in comparison to the market-leading content optimisation tools, we found Surfer SEO and MarketMuse to score higher in our Content Harmony Review.

From our research here are the best Content Harmony alternatives:

What is Content Harmony?

Content Harmony is a market-leading content optimization tool that helps content teams drive more organic traffic and save time researching.

The tools analyses real-time search data to deliver helpful recommendations for writers to implement into their blog posts.

Content Harmony assists writers to discover exactly what their audience wants to read.

Content Harmony Benefits

The benefits of using Content Harmony is:

  • Save Time – Spend less time on manual research as Content Harmony does the heavy-lifting for you

  • Deliver More Content – Scale your content program without having to hire a dozen content strategists
  • Create Higher Quality Content – Create content that’s more valuable and ranks higher than the competition

  • Save Money – With fewer staff costs on guessing what Google wants, Content Harmony removes the guesswork


Removing the painstaking time of analysing the top results content structure is what makes Content Harmony a great tool for your content marketing efforts.

Saving time and saving money are two of the biggest reasons for signing up to is an absolute must for content writing agencies.

Imagine being able to deliver more content and at a higher quality finish will do for your SEO efforts online?

With Content Harmony all the features allow you to plan, write and optimise all your content strategies under one efficient tool.

Content Harmony optimises in one place exactly what their audience wants to read that drives higher rankings, more traffic and in turn more commissions.

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