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Link Building Case Study – FatRank

Backlinks are a huge part of helping your website rank for competitive search queries in Google search results. There are too many digital marketers who believe “great content” is enough. If you ever hear the phrase “If you publish great content, people will naturally link to me” then go and bang their head against a wall. […]

Link Audit Service – Backlink Removal Services 2023

We are going to explain why carrying out proactive link audits might be the best money you spend on digital marketing. Struggling to improve your traffic for your website or even worse suffering from a huge drop in rankings? Here is the plan – let’s go out and acquire more backlinks. NOOOOO!! Stop listening to […]


If you are landing on this page “Well done (to a certain degree) as you will be an advanced SEO who has built successful websites. BUT been hit hard with sudden ranking drops“. What is meant by the phrase “It is only a problem when it is a problem – and then it is too […]

Internal Linking SEO Case Study

In our Internal Linking SEO Case Study, we can’t reveal the niche and domain for obvious reasons, but we will explain the whole process of how we grew a website traffic by solely improving the internal linking silo structure. The Industry Problem Before We Start When carrying out professional search engine optimisation audits for businesses […]

Internal Link Audit Service – FatRank

A popular post on our website is the 2023 SEO internal linking strategy. But I get many contact form submissions asking “Do you know a great internal link audit done-for-you service?” So the FatRank team have researched and analysed all the best internal linking auditors in April 2023. We sourced over a dozen internal linking […]

How to Build an Email List

List building is the gathering of email addresses from website users or visitors. Collecting emails helps grow the list of subscribers and improves business communications with clients, both now and in the future. An email list is unaffected if Google penalises you and removes you from SERP results or if a social platform algorithm suddenly […]

How Often Does Google Crawl Your Site?

Google has large problems trying to crawl all web pages on the internet. With trillions of pages, Googlebot works non-stop to attempt to crawl everything published online. There is a massive amount of content for Googlebot to get through and depending on how active your site is can affect the crawl ability of your website. […]

SEO Is Not a Guessing Game

Way too many digital marketers and bloggers are guessing about what might work with Google Ranking Factors in April 2023. The majority of SEO articles are simply regurgitating someone else’s idea with ZERO actual scientific research or data-driven analysis. The truth is most SEO agencies are cowboys. Harsh, but true! The SEO industry is not […]

Google My Business SEO Case Study

If you are a local business trying to generate more phone calls, business visits, or website hits, continue reading. I am about to show you how our team was able to rank a GMB and generate an extra £2800/$3500 in 3 weeks. For the biggest GMB SEO ranking factor that nobody mentions, continue to the […]

Google Duplicate Content Penalty – FatRank

If you are wondering if you can rank duplicate in Google Search Results we have you covered. Too many SEO specialists believe there is a Google Duplicate Content Penalty which is completely incorrect. In our duplicate content guide, we explain everything from what Google considers unique content to why unique content is important in SEO. […]