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What’s important for you when you’re choosing an SEO tool to track your positions?

It may be the price, simplicity, advanced reporting system. Usually, it’s difficult to include all the important in the platform, so you should choose between famous brands with large databases and small tools at a low price.

What if I can say that you shouldn’t settle for mediocre SEO tools anymore?

This time I want to introduce Wincher – SEO rank tracker.

It’s a keyword tracking tool like no other, and definitely one of the best rank tracking software on the market.

To be honest, I’ve discovered this a short time ago.

But I was impressed by its accurate data, user-friendly rank trackers and extremely workable pricing model.

This amazing rank tracking tool does all your keyword research for you and offers keyword suggestions and keyword groups that may improve your content and search volume.

Here is a complete review for Wincher for 2023.

What’s unique in Wincher?

Wincher is a Swedish based company, launched in 2013. The core feature is a keyword rank tracker, so it helps every website owner to get daily updates of positions in Google. 

It has some unique features:


Most search engine optimization tools offer you fixed limited plans. So it’s not you, who decides how many keywords to track. And oftentimes, you don’t use all the features and limits, included in a specific plan. We just overpay in such a case.

But Wincher offers a flexible pricing model for its SEO efforts.

Your monthly fee is calculated from the number of added websites in your account.

The first website is €10/month (100 keywords included).

Any additional websites are €3/month each.

You can create your own plan and decide how much you wish to pay next month.

Start your 14-Day Trial for FREE.

Data accuracy

I consider accurate data as the most important point of SEO rank tracking. It’s important to stay up to date. That’s why we can often be pretty disappointed by some famous toolkits. They can update rankings once per two weeks or month, especially low-volume keywords.

Wincher updates positions every 24 hours, at midnight CET. That’s just a fact.

Free team access

If you want to add your colleagues to the account, you shouldn’t pay any extra cost or upgrade for a more expensive plan, like it usually works. So Wincher offers free team access.

Integration keyword research tool

Wincher keyword research tool is fully integrated with the rank tracker which makes it a lot more useful than the average keyword research tool.

Also, it identifies the particular keywords, which you’re already ranking for, and offers suggestions for related keywords, where you have the best chance to rank high.

SEO rankings are crucial for any business as they encourage search volume to increase.

Key features

Daily Ranking Updates

Wincher updates your positions, as well as your competitors’ ones, in the search engine on a daily basis.

So it allows us to react quickly and measure your online performance and content marketing outcome in a simple and clear way.


Keyword Research and Suggestions

Like any other keyword research tool, it helps to identify the keywords that your target audience is searching for.

So, Wincher’s keyword suggestions help to improve your SEO and attract more visitors to your website.

But Wincher also identifies the keywords that you’re already ranking for and suggest interesting options, so you can easily add them to the keyword tracking tool.

Sometimes, you can be surprised by the keywords and where you are in the top 10 in Google SERPs.

Competitor Tracking

If you want to compare your SERP performance against your biggest rivals Google rankings, you can add up to 10 competitors per domain at no extra cost.

Wincher’s keyword tracker will track the positions and wrap up all the data in a great comparative report.


This feature is quite handy as it allows you to create notes within your projects in order to serve as a reminder regarding, for example, why you created a link to a particular page. Or if you do some on-page changes that may influence your rankings in the search portals.

So you can use Wincher’s annotations to keep track of changes related to your SEO work.

On-Page SEO tool

Wincher offers a free unlimited tool, that helps to identify how well your pages are optimized for specific keywords. An on-page SEO tool gives you a score and precise suggestions on how you can fix potential issues.

Search engine rankings are massively important as a high SERP can result in increased traffic to your site. So, Wincher helps you track keywords that may improve your online business.

You should just put your URL and the particular keyword, that you want the page to be optimized for. In a few seconds, you will get the report that includes information on how to fix the most critical problems according to the current technical guidelines.

WordPress Plugin

If you use WordPress, you quickly integrate Wincher and track your rankings directly in your admin dashboard.

They have a WP plugin, that’s as simple and accurate as a web version. You can find more information and step-by-step inscriptions here.   

What are the pros and cons of Wincher, compared with other rank trackers?

I’ve been using different tools to track my browser rankings. So let’s compare Wincher with such tools as Accuranker, SERPWatch, and SerpRobot. Here is the list of Wincher wins and woes. 



Wincher really offers the most affordable price. Only 10 EUR/m for daily tracking 1 domain and 100 keywords.


It’s unique that Wincher allows its customers to create their own customized plans. For instance, Accuranker offers a minimum fixed plan – 99USD/m for 1000 keywords. If you want to track fewer keywords, it’s just unreasonable to use the tool.

Daily updates

There is no option of tracking keywords on a weekly or biweekly basis. Only daily rank tracking and that’s a huge advantage. Because it’s important to stay up to date.

Free features like team access, competitor tracking, an on-page SEO tool

Wincher is generous with free resources and features. Any tool like SERPwatch or Accuranker offers free access for your team and free competitor evaluation if you track only 200 keywords, for instance.


Local Rankings

Currently, Wincher doesn’t provide local rank tracking. That’s a crucial necessity for small business owners. But I know that they’re working on that and this feature will be released soon.

Manual Data Update

Sometimes, it’s super important to get on-demand updates in order to have better control of your SEO strategy. Wincher doesn’t provide such an opportunity for now.

3rd Party Integrations

I heard from the Wincher team that they’re planning to add integration with Google Search Console. But for now, there are no integrations with important 3rd party tools and platforms. For instance, Accuranker allows us to track everything in one place, including Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Databox, Google Data Studio, etc.

More Browsers

Wincher works with Google only.

Yes, that’s the most popular, but for advanced rank tracking, you may need also to check your positions on other search engines, such as Bing or Yandex, for example.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, I am sure that Wincher is seriously good value for money.

It’s very easy to use and I was impressed with Wincher accuracy.

For me, it’s essential to be able to get really accurate ranking data.

This tool is more than up to the job!

And such little extras like the annotations, automated reports, and keyword research make this a powerful tool for everybody who is serious about improving their rankings.



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