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When building out new rank and rent lead generation websites there is important information we need from our customers.

The more details you provide the better effective frequency strategy we will be able to create in March 2023.

Our aim is to write a perfectly optimised page with all the industry-specific terms used to help rank higher in the search engines for long tail searches.

Keep on reading to find out all the website information required and why this is important to the success of the website.

Why Do You Need This Information?

Here are the reasons why supplying the information to us is important:

  • You are the industry experts. Expecting us to know your niche as good as you is crazy. Our writers need to leverage your knowledge to cover all angles on the topic.
  • You can rank images in ‘Google Images’ as an extra traffic source and adding media to web pages help the rankings.
  • You can rank videos on ‘Google Videos’ and Youtube as an extra traffic source and adding media to web pages help the rankings.
  • You might highlight keywords we have never heard of that is specific to your niche.
  • We can reverse engineer all competitor’s websites to see what they are getting traffic for and try to implement similar results.
  • If we mention ALL suppliers and manufacturers it is a great keyword stretching content expansion strategy
  • Trade Accreditations are great to include as some potential customers might search the specific standard they want the work completed to.


Providing a minimum of 15-20 images is very important. Ideally, these pictures and photos you provide are high quality because will be used on the galleries and also on the pic sliders to the website. The reason these images are very important is that it makes the actual design of the website look nice and appealing to potential customers.

Also, the pictures are very important because it creates the page to be media-rich which Google absolutely loves. Having these images alt tagged and properly optimised for the focus keyphrases enhances the chances to rank in the SERPs.

Without the content being perfectly written by our inhouse content writers than having images to support the topic of the page is a great search engine optimisation technique that should always be used.

Also, the reason the images are an essential part is because of social media sharing. By having these images on the webpages allows our link building team to share these to social profiles like Flickr, Pinterest and many other web 2.0 properties. Image link building offers diversity and is nice to have a mix of contextual links but also image sharing backlinks to the pages.


As part of the website information required then videos is another thing we certainly need. If you are able to send me a video for each product or service this is ideal. So if you are in the car dealership niche then a video for Audi, Ferrari, Ford, BMW and other brands would be perfect.

The reason being is because I need to embed a topic related video to each page and you cannot have a ford video showing on an Audi webpage because it does not make sense.

If you are struggling to create any videos for each page then simply put together a quick Slideshare of a few images. On the video have some wording on there saying ‘best Audi car dealer’ with some pictures of Audi cars.

This would be perfect and the videos will then be optimised with the title being the same as the focus keyphrase you want that webpage to rank for. It will be topic relevant and again like the images will create the pages to be media-rich which google loves.

The videos you supply also will be uploaded to youtube. On this social profile, we can search engine optimize the videos to rank well in the youtube search but also to rank in google. With nice unique long descriptions, tags and titles then these videos will certainly drive traffic which will lead to more enquiries.

My link building team can utilise these YouTube videos to share throughout web 2.0 properties. By embedding this onto the branded social trust fortress profiles then this gives fresh content, backlinks and branded media shares. Having this syndicated throughout your branded accounts spreads the network and footprint to generate more traffic, trust, authority and social.


Providing me with keywords is, without doubt, the most important part of this process. You need to remember you are the experts in this niche and I might not know anything about it. The more keywords you can give to me the better because you would be surprised just how many varieties of keywords people type into google to find the same product or service.

If you ever want an example of this then read this article here which shows an 86 year old nan typing into google using “please” and “thank you” into the search bar. I mean SEO companies would need to try to optimise those keywords in the content to rank for this and it just shows what people type into the search bar is incredible.

As an example then if a headteacher wanted playground flooring for his school then I know first hand that some type in ‘rubber school flooring’, ‘rubberised safety surfacing’, ‘spongy coloured floor to my school’, ‘safety wet pour surfaces’, ‘school playground surface’, ‘schools play area floor material’ and the list goes on and on and on.

The examples of the playground flooring are great because all these wording means the same product required but there are a million and one ways to put this into google. Therefore the more variations you can give me the better.

Think outside the box and ask your mum, nan, friends, partners to see what they would type in and give me the biggest list you can because the more variations we can rank for the more chance you have of getting leads which lead onto more orders. The keyword research strategies we use will be so much better if you can send plenty over.


Giving me competitors in your niche is vital. Again the more you can provide me with the better because I can start to reverse engineer what they rank for. Using specialist SEO tools and techniques we can see what drives your competitor’s traffic to their sites.

Once we know this then can look to create our websites bigger and better than theres to outrank them and steal your competitions traffic.

Keyword research is, in my opinion, the most important part of SEO. Looking to find money intent keywords that convert, have good search volume and relatively easy to rank is where big money can be earned.

Simply going after payday loans is not the option because although might have high search volume the competition to get #1 is very tough. We would be better looking into low hanging fruit and scooping up hundreds of variations which is easier and actually collectively get you more traffic added together.

We can also reverse engineer where they are linking out to and where they are receiving backlinks from. This is important in checking the authority sites in the niche because if we can leverage some backlinks from these niches relevant and topic-related pages then it would help massively.

Again the more competitors websites you can provide the more ammo I have to get you more enquiries.

All Brands

Listing all the brands of manufacturers, suppliers and companies that supply the industry are very important.

I will use mortgages as a live example below:

  • Natwest Mortgage
  • Santander Mortgage
  • Lloyds Mortgage
  • Nationwide Mortgage
  • HSBC Mortgage

If someone enquired for a “Natwest Mortgage” then what you have understood is its a customer who wants a mortgage and if you cannot supply Natwest specifically you could have the chance to convert them to your preferred supplier.

Mentioning all the brands on the industry is great from an SEO standpoint as stacking the entities but it is also brand jacking in receiving more leads (you would not of ranked for if not mentioned on the page).

Trade Accreditations

Having mentions of all Trade Associations and Trade Accreditations helps to expand the reach on the volume of keywords you rank for.

So some examples are below of where some visitors might search for your service with an accreditation:

  • ICAEW Chartered Accountant
  • FCA Approved Financial Advisor
  • corgi approved gas engineers

Having all the British Standards, specifications and accreditations for the industry is another great set of keywords to include.


Ideally, if you can provide content which has got to be 100% unique written by yourselves this will be amazing. My content writers can then add onto this content you provide to create the Skyscraper Approach and also optimize so the keyword density is spot on and meta tags used correctly.

The meta tags will consist of LSI keyword variations so instead of just using costs, we can use pricing, prices, price, costings and many more keywords which are clustered together under thesaurus.

By providing the content then as you are the experts in the industry you will know that you are getting the main reasons why you are the best. Are you the cheapest, are you buying the most expensive premium products, do you have all the main certificates or anything to upsell why you guys are the best companies to use.

Try to use unique selling points on why they should use yourself because remember this is your shop window so get them to enquire with you to get prices or buy your products.

Website Name

Supplying some options you would like for a website name would be great. You might want something branded or an EMD which stands for exact match domain. The EMDs are great because gets the point across in the SERPs to the clients on what exactly you do.

There if you have something like then at least when the customer is clicking on your website they understand exactly what you do and the traffic will become more targeted. To find out why this service works best for everyone, check out this post and see how this can work for your company.

Giving myself several options on website names will be good and I can look through what’s available and decide which one I think will work best without it over optimising the keywords you want to rank for. Sometimes it is good to use an LSI variation or even a PMD which stands for partial match domains like etc.


If you want to know more about myself the author of this article then clicks through to this link. You will realise I have been in the internet marketing industry a while now and understand exactly Website Information Required for these websites to work.

Not providing all this information will affect how well you can rank in google so you really need to go the extra mile in getting this information together.

With regards to the no-risk supply of enquiries offer, I am doing then this link explains it all in detail. I need to accept the niche and only around 50% of applications actually get accepted because many just do not have the ROI for this to work for both parties.

It needs to be a niche nationwide in the UK and not just a local contractor. But when you are a nationwide company in the United Kingdom this agreement is an absolute no brainer and I can show you dozens of case studies where transformed peoples businesses.

Anyone new to SEO and want to get into it then here is a nice intro to SEO you can read. I am happy to assist and help anyone wanting to do this because have a passion for the industry. I network so much with like-minded people throughout the world and in our private WhatsApp groups, we have affiliate guys making millions each month which is just unreal.

As in the group we have over two million websites at our disposal then data is great and we know the algorithm updates way before it is actually released and it becomes easy for us to test what works and what doesn’t in the SERPs because of the amount of data between us we can experiment on.

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