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Bolded Keywords in Google SERP

The Bolded Keywords in Google SERP are a huge signal you should use for optimizing your content. Extracting and scraping the bolded keywords in Google SERP descriptions can help improve the relevance of blogs. In our Bolded Keywords in Google SERP guide, we explain everything on how to best utilize this for search engine optimization benefits. […]

SERP Empire Review – Best CTR SEO Tool February 2023

The click-through rate on your website is one of the most important elements to consider. The reason CTR is very important is that the search engines, such as Google, rank your website based on the site’s click-through rate and user engagement. In fact, most search engine optimization authorities will tell you that an organic CTR […]

Brand SERP SEO – FatRank

Brand SEO is the most underrated and underused service used in modern-day digital marketing. The majority of marketers say “Your website is your shop window”. When actually this should be the quote used: “Your Brand SERP is your shop window because that is the first impression made on your business” You can control your brand […]