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Wildcards in Google Search: Everything You Need to Know

Keyword research is at the heart of every successful SEO campaign. Finding the right keywords to target your site allows you to overtake your competitors and appear on top of search results. But SEOs are becoming savvier with new tricks and techniques up their sleeves. As a result, your methods and tools may not cut […]

The Three Search Engine Keyword Types

Millions of individuals search for products and services on the web each day. It is important to consider the various keyword terms that people use when looking for the information or product they need. “Too rank websites now you need to cover all three types of keywords to cover the niche in its entirety” SEO […]

SEO For Images – Visual Search Ranking Factors 2023

We’re living in an increasingly visual world. A picture speaks a thousand words. And in this visual world, the value of ranking your images can’t be overlooked. Why Image SEO Is Important? In so many niches image search is something many people do as research before they reach out and enquire with companies. Creating amazing […]

Search Intent – FatRank

There are over 200 ranking factors to rank higher in Google Search. But is Search Intent the most important ranking in January 2023? Optimise for one type of user intent utilising the one page for one corpus SEO strategy. It certainly raises an interesting debate because for many years people have always said backlinks is […]

Search Engines – FatRank

The history of search engines is an amazing study. In this article, we will take you through the advancements of search engines. Learn How the Evolution of the Google Search Engine has changed.       Types Of Search Engines Here are many different search engine types: Semantic Search Engine Semantic search refers to the ability […]

Search Engine Manipulation Effect – FatRank

Can the search engine manipulation effect (SEME) change real peoples perception of a subject? Can an SEO influence users search path by Manipulating Google Autocomplete Predictions? Google data showed 75% of the user search queries are affected by Google autosuggest so can the Search Engine Manipulation Effect come into force here? Can search engines manipulate […]

Personalized Google Search Results – FatRank

Everyone talks about content optimisation, building backlinks and technical SEO as being the holy grail of ranking in search engines. But are you aware your User Search History is one of the biggest Google Ranking Factors in December 2022? User search history is a Google core ranking factor and personalizing your search experience is a […]

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Most of us have a basic idea of how a search engine works but here is an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation, you type in your search term for whatever it is you want to find, and your search engine of choice displays thousands of results for web pages which might help you find what […]

How to Improve Google Search Results

A common question asked is How do I Improve My Website in the Google Search Results? If you are just after the free of charge link profile audit click here which explains what we need to carry this out. This is part of a sequence of articles that will go into more details about the reasons […]

Custom Regex In Google Search Console

Using the “Custom Regex” filter in Google Search Console has been a huge help for our progressive optimisation team. If you are not using the Custom (regex) query option you are going to love this article. The SEO community have been waiting a long time for Regex and now it is available inside your Google […]