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Surfer SEO Review – VOTED Best Data Driven On Page Tool for 2020

There is a lot of hype at the moment around the Surfer on-page analysis SEO tool, recently voted the best on-page data-driven tool in February 2023. “Surfer SEO is making huge waves for its emergence into the Online Marketing Community” So I thought I would need to test this out for myself. Let me introduce […]

Page ReWriter Review – FatRank

Scaling content is always an affiliate marketer primary problem. But what happens if a tool can help you produce a consistent flow of quality content? Can Page ReWriter really assist your content production strategy for your websites? Does Page ReWriter rank in the Best AI Copywriting Tools in December 2022? You will love our tutorials […]

One Page For One Corpus

Google has created a search engine that provides an important service to the world-instantly delivering relevant information on virtually any topic. Providing the search engines with Information Gain SEO strategies is what is going to get you amazing results in the SERPs. But how can Google make sure the results they return are quality for the […]

Mass Page Builder – FatRank

A mass page builder allows you to automatically mass generate webpages to maximise your search engine presence. The mass page builders are known to many as churn and burn projects but if done correctly can last the test of time. If you are a company covering multiple locations you are able to rank for specific […]

Magic Page Plugin Review – FatRank

Does Magic Page WordPress Plugin rank in the Top Rated Mass Page Builders list in December 2022? Can the Magic Page WordPress Plugin really help websites rank high in the search engines for an array of towns, cities and counties? Let’s dive in with everything you need to know about the plugin and how you […]