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Bolded Keywords in Google SERP

The Bolded Keywords in Google SERP are a huge signal you should use for optimizing your content. Extracting and scraping the bolded keywords in Google SERP descriptions can help improve the relevance of blogs. In our Bolded Keywords in Google SERP guide, we explain everything on how to best utilize this for search engine optimization benefits. […]

Striking Distance Keywords – FatRank

Striking Distance Keywords is an easy way to boost in clicks from Google. Working on a site’s striking distance keywords is a great way to get an increase in clicks from a minimal time investment. As the keyphrases ranking is within “striking distance” of hitting the top spot in the SERPs you should focus your […]

Accidental Keywords – FatRank

The more you look to scale your websites the more likely you will come across Accidental Keywords. How can you utilise this very strategy for context expansion? Well, first let’s explain exactly what uncovering accidental keywords actually means. Accidental Keywords are keywords that your website is ranking for that you had not specifically optimised for. […]