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SEO Masterminds and Work Retreats have certainly been the catalyst of my business growth.

“The more people you help, the faster you’ll get to where you want to go”

I regularly preach the importance of networking and getting out your day to day working office to collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs.

The Most Powerful Tool is a Mastermind Group

Mastermind Groups is the concept all billionaires reference when they credit one thing to their success.

A mastermind group can focus special energy on your effort.

Check out the video which shows the importance of why you need to join a Mastermind Group today:

What is an SEO Mastermind Group?

An SEO mastermind group is a group of people that help each other improve their business skills and personal skills.

The SEO Mastermind Group is a combination of educating each other with the latest tools, testing results and brainstorming ideas that fellow marketers might have tried on various websites.

Purpose of SEO Masterminds?

The purpose of SEO Masterminds is to put your entrepreneurial journey on steroids.

Members of the SEO Mastermind Group challenge each other to set goals and hold them accountable for those goals to be hit. It is kind of like having a personal trainer in the gym to push you harder to achieve your goals.

Who Attends SEO Masterminds?

The people attending SEO Masterminds are the entrepreneurs who want to take their business to another level.

The invitational only SEO Masterminds usually are attended the biggest SEOs in the world. The reason these SEOs are at the top of the game is because of these meetups and remote work retreats.

The most successful billionaires in the world put down masterminds as being one of the main reasons they achieved such heights.

Why Join an SEO Mastermind?

You need to join SEO Masterminds if you want to stay ahead of the curve with the latest algorithm updates.

Joining forces and comparing testing results is key because you are able to leverage information from other members and share results you just could not receive on your own.

If you are looking to improve, develop and grow your company then is the reason you need to join SEO Masterminds.

How to Join SEO Masterminds?

The best way to join SEO Masterminds is by networking in facebook groups or attending SEO conferences and building up your following in the SEO community.

Reach out to influencers in your groups and ask them is there any meet-ups happening soon and take the effort to attend.

If you cannot find any local SEO Meet-ups then this is a perfect opportunity for you to create one and invite others to attend one you are creating.

Number Of Attendees to SEO Mastermind

The ideal number of attendees to an SEO Mastermind is 8 people.

The number of attendees can vary from groups of 6-10 people but the ideal number is 8 people we have found.

Eight SEOs gives you enough time and brainpower to all have your input and contribute to the meet-up.

Format of SEO Masterminds

The format of SEO Masterminds is usually there is a leader and a timekeeper in the group.

Each attendee spends a length of time to explain their business models and goals they have.

Then comes the best part to the masterminds which is their current struggles and biggest wins they have achieved in the past 12 months.

The current struggles allow you to make sure you don’t fall into the same trap and struggle with the same problems potentially. So it is not just what new staff you should be doing in the business, but also what you should make sure you avoid.

The biggest wins are amazing for the group as there could be new tools or systems they are using which has allowed them to grow hugely because of this.

What is Needed at SEO Masterminds?

The aim is in the group to all HELP EACH OTHER and share as much information as possible so everyone leaves with new goals and ambitions to improve further.

In the SEO Mastermind Groups, you really need to offer value to the others or could run the risk of never being re-invited to further meet-ups in the future.

The goal of the mastermind is for everyone to be elevated and helped in some way.

Location of SEO Masterminds

The location of SEO Masterminds needs to be nice enough to attract the attendees intended.

The perfect location for remote SEO Mastermind Work Retreats is a nice large spacious villa, in the sun and nearby to restaurants, bars and the beach.

The location is what attracts the right people and therefore the nicer the venue the more interest you will get in the retreats.

Remote SEO Mastermind Groups

If members are worldwide and physically meeting in person is not achievable then there is options of private facebook groups, WhatsApp groups and google hangouts.

These remote private groups are great to share information and knowledge bombs on a regular basis but nothing beats the physical meet up between hopefully who become close friends and maybe even business partners to you in time.


The benefits of SEO Masterminds are endless and I can easily put these meet-ups down to being the main reason for my success and growth.

It has massively expanded my network in the community and opened doors with so many potential new clients, suppliers and mentors to help me achieve my goals.

One last reason to leave you with is creating friends in the community with like-minded people is really key. They say you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.

Family members or even your best friends might not have the same entrepreneurial mindset as you and can become lonely at times if you don’t network and create connections with others with the same level of drive and ambition as you have.

Best SEO Masterminds In The World

I love to travel far and wide to participate in SEO Masterminds globally and here are my best masterminds.

Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind

The Chiang Mai SEO Mastermind is by far the best SEO Mastermind in the World.

Why is Chiang Mai the best SEO Mastermind in the World:

  1. The history and why it was formed was to help each other grow
  2. The location where it is situated in a 5* hotel beside the river is breathtaking
  3. The entrepreneurs who attend are next level successful SEOs
  4. How the masterminds are constructed is spot on for all introverts and extroverts
  5. The party scenes after it to help socialisation between the groups

Just check out the video here of the latest Chiang Mai Mastermind:

As you can see the setup and planning involved in this SEO Mastermind is on another level to others globally.

Manchester SEO Mastermind

Meetups with the online entrepreneurs at Manchester SEO Mastermind.

Manchester City Centre venue in the UK.

Wilmslow SEO Mastermind

The Wilmslow SEO Mastermind is a great location.

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