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Anyone who knows myself will understand I am all about networking and synergising. Here is an article on why I feel networking is key to success.

So we decided between a dozen high-quality affiliate marketers to start creating to UK Mastermind Meetups to bounce ideas off each.

“It’s Not What You Know. It’s Who You Know”

The mastermind sessions are not just about SEO techniques but more in line with scaling your business, best tips on monetization, affiliate programs and SOPs (which are key if you are looking to scale as processes are the most important element to any digital agency).

In my opinion, masterminds are better than any conferences you will attend.

SEO Mastermind – Manchester

The video below shows the peoples thoughts on the event. It shows how it is a casual meetup where everyone is there to help each other. As Google algorithm changes are happening on a daily basis nowadays you really need to stay ahead of the game. Watch the video and let us know your thoughts on synergy 1+1=3.

Unless you actually attend one of these masterminds you will never realise the true potential in the value you get. A group full of individuals all crushing digital marketing in so many different ways. You can leverage friends who specialise in particular areas.

I always try to compare this to ‘If you built an extension at your house. Would you build it yourself?’ The answer from me is definitely not and I would get the specialists in like a bricklayer, plasterer, plumber, electrician and tradesman who do this every day. The same applies to online marketing and leveraging contacts who specialise in areas like content, backlinks, server logs, on-page audits, disavow audits and much more.

Who Attends The Manchester SEO Meetup?

Here are some of the best UK digital marketers in my personal opinion who attend the SEO Meetups.

Who is James Z Dooley?

Here is more information on who I am and a little background. But in two sentences to sum myself up I am all about synergy/networking as a strong believer that your network is your net worth. Then just as important as taking action and your focus levels in life.


Who is Rick Hope?

I have known Rick for many years and hand on heart can say he is by far the most advanced PPC expert, and best-looking guy I have come across. He runs a digital agency in Bolton called Statuo and between us, we carry out many successful joint ventures on affiliate websites.

Who is Mark Walker?

Mark Walker is a pilot by trade but has many websites ranking for big till affiliate programs. Probably the brightest of the self-proclaimed SEO novices I have met. Do not let him pretend he has no idea how he ranks online because time after time this guy successfully wins. Mark founded Voyager Digital which is an affiliate marketing and lead generation company based in Bolton.

manchester seo meetup network

Who is Craig Campbell?

When you can get to terms with Craig’s Scottish accent then you would love to hear his consultancy talks throughout the UK. His personal brand Craig Campbell SEO Training and Consultancy is going from strength to strength as he builds his following. He is a superb guy who is always happy to help others and I love this because I’m a huge advocate of synergy with 1+1=3 in business growth.

Who is Charles Floate?

Charles Floate is a self-proclaimed black hat SEO. But guys let me share some knowledge on Charles because he is not as black hat as you think. I have known him years and 100% yes he knows all the black hat spam techniques, yes he understands hacking and yes he could battle it out in the black hat world.

But he is actually one of the best white hat digital marketers in the world. Check out his 5000+ word blog posts perfectly optimised and attracting natural backlinks (that certainly does not sound like spun duplicated content with dodgy links to me).

I would put Charles under the ROI Hat SEO category where he has the skillset to do black, grey, white or whatever colour hat you want to make up next. He understands to move with the times and adapts to what works today. Very knowledgeable chap!

Who is James Gregory?

James Gregory is a big player in the backlinks industry. Obviously, the core algorithm is built around content and links. James focused his attention on being able to scale a ridiculous amount of links for his customers. He has an agency background so a lot of great knowledge across the whole marketing spectrum and got some back players ranking in the search engines over the years from his ability to scale insane amounts of quality links.

Who is Tom Phillips?

Tom started in SEO over 10 years ago and now specialises in affiliate marketing, development and products sales. His joint ventures around the world are growing from strength to strength, as his close-knit team grow from perfected SOPs, testing, synergy and working smarter, not harder.

Who is Jason Morris?

Jason spent a number of years in corporate sales and marketing running teams and businesses across the UK and Europe. Seeing the way people buy products changing he gradually made the switch into SEO setting up Quality Over Quantity Links Agency. Utilising that sales and marketing experience he now provides bespoke Link Building Outreach campaigns for Agencies and clients that want to improve their ranking and traffic. It is a tough market as there are many Manchester Link Building Agency setups but he believes repeat business will help once they see the power of his reverse sink or swim backlinks.

Who is Gareth Simpson?

Gareth Simpson has an agency background and runs Seeker Digital which is fast becoming one of the best Outreach SEO Agencies in the world. He has built a very strong in-house team so has the ability to scale content and build relationships quickly with website owners. As it is all in-house his quality is always kept super high because he integrates his military background of everything being perfect into his company.

manchester seo meetup synergy

Who is Karl Hudson?

Karl has been into SEO for over 10 years. He runs his own agency based in Newcastle and was a top dating affiliate, now moving into casino and gambling. He does consultations for a wide variety of companies from manufacturers to CMS creators. Since recently starting his new personal blog Karl is going from strength to strength online with his hard work from over the last decade.

Who is Rafid Nassir?

Rafid is the Commercial Director for SUSO Digital. His area of expertise is business development, bringing in new business. With him working with a few SEO companies in the past, he has found an SEO company with a truly scientific approach to SEO, SUSO Digital, through vigorous research and testing to see how Google ticks.

Who is Tom Buckland?

Tom has been an SEO consultant for close to 6 years, forming an agency in South Wales focusing on technical & local SEO. With the primary goal on learning a core digital marketing area each year he’s also launching an Amazon software company to help individuals sell on Amazon.

Who Is Tom Livingstone?

Tom has been mixing in the SEO game for 6 years, with almost all of that time spent in agencies. He’s seen how not to run an agency, and with this experience now heads up Bright Design. He’s built a solid team of 5 UK in-house SEO consultants that specialise in Local SEO, but also deliver SEO Training courses and consultancy.

Need Your Help

Ok, so the meetup is happening at my offices where we have built a brand new third floor. Although it is all completed, the staff have moved in and looks nice with new office furniture but at the moment the walls are plain. I am thinking about having some inspirational quotes on the walls in a graffiti style but my design skills are minimal so going to get Nicola from Statuo who is a brand expert to come up with some designs/ideas for me.

But I need your help guys if you can by commenting on this article with motivational/inspirational quotes I should consider to add onto my walls. Here are some I have liked but need some more ideas:

  • Focus Is Todays IQ
  • Your Brain Is Your Bitch
  • Synergy 1+1=3
  • Hustle Beats Talent When Talent Doesn’t Hustle
  • Learn To Fail Or Fail To Learn
  • Take Massive Determined Action Today
  • Life Is Only As Good As Your Mindset
  • If You’re Serious About Changing Your Life, You’ll Find A Way. If You’re Not, You’ll Find An Excuse
  • You Are Confined Only By The Walls You Build Yourself
  • Our Thoughts Become Our Words, Our Words Become Our Beliefs, Our Beliefs Become Our Actions, Our Actions Become Our Habits, And Our Habits Become Our Realities
  • Fill Your Life With Experiences. Have Stories To Tell Not Stuff To Show
  • Everybody Is A Genius. But If You Judge A Fish By Its Ability To Climb A Tree It Will Live Its Whole Life Believing That It Is Stupid

Please give me some ideas or in the comment section share a link to some nice office wall designs I could get some inspiration from.

Meetup Videos

If anyone ever gets the chance to attend the Chiang Mai Conference in November I would highly recommend it.

After a few years of attending this massive SEO event then you might be lucky enough to be added to the invite-only mastermind held a few days before.

I can truly say the masterminds with these guys throughout the world have transformed my mindset on how to scale.

It is about working smarter not harder and the guys teach you delegation, SOPs and systems to build huge online businesses.

But the best part is that is without all the stress of having to work 16 hour days yourself because with the right processes in place you really can scale and grow your online success.

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