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Legiit is a freelance marketplace for businesses, agencies and SEOs looking to outsource services.

Legiit is pretty legit if you are looking to grow your workflow.

The Legiit platform was recently voted in the list of top online marketplaces for freelancers in 2022.

When looking to scale your business processes and systems all the biggest entrepreneurs explain the importance of delegation.

Legiit Online Marketplace platform has struck the important balance between supporting buyers and sellers. As a customer of Legiit, you can look forward to vetted freelancers who offer services that go through a review process.

In our Legiit Freelancer Marketplace Review, we explain the importance of eliminating single points of failure and how outsourcing tasks to Legiit can free up more time for your staff to grow the business in other areas.

Legiit is a freelance marketplace that allows customers to outsource small tasks or hire freelancers to carry out professional services.

Many business owners do not have the requirements to employ developers, graphic designers or content writers full time and legiit is a platform that gives people access to employ staff on a pay-per-task basis.

Legiit was founded in 2018 by Chris M. Walker from Superstar SEO.

Chris M. Walker is one of the top sellers on another SEO marketplace called Konker but felt he could build a better marketplace.

Legiit Services We Recommend

After ordering and testing thousands of services on legiit.com, here are some recommended services in November2022.

  • Citations
  • Press Releases
  • Social Signals
  • Guest posts
  • PBN Links
  • GMB Verification
  • Content writing

As you can see, there are many good services on Legiit, and if used properly, they can boost your rankings.

Increased SEO Rankings Using Legiit Services

We’ve spent years testing out Leggiit services and seeing the impact they have on search engines. Every service has been tested, from page SEO to press releases, to find the key factor for increased SEO rankings using Legiit Services.

If you want to rank higher within a search engine, then your business needs to understand how using certain services on Legiit can improve the ranking of your website on a search engine.

Below, I’ve listed some of the services I used to get some fantastic results on search engines and how much of an impact they’ve had on my website overall. If you’re impressed, then make sure to try the service on your own assets and get a ranking on a search engine today!

Make sure to check out some of the internal links too, which provide some more information on the topic and how you can help rank your assets.

How I ranked an image number one in Google using Legiit

Images are a key factor in SEO and having your product image ranked number one in a search engine can bring some huge levels of traffic to it.

Before we got started using an image ranking service on legiit, we had to make sure that the image in question was optimised correctly. Make sure you check out our Image SEO guide for more information regarding the optimization of images. To summarise though, our optimization strategy for images is:

  • Correct file name
  • Metadata entered
  • Lossy/lossless compression
  • Google lens optimised
  • And more!

By carrying out this optimization on the images we wanted to rank, it added an extra boost and gave the asset legs to stand on when it was at the top of the rankings.

I also had a quick look to see where the images were placed on the SERPs before I began the test. This would allow me to see an increase in rank once the service would be completed.

Once we carried out all the optimization we could for the images, we then went on Legiit and found some services that promised to rank an image on Google search. We moved forward and provided the images to the seller and waited.

Business owners are surely aware that time is money, and by outsourcing the ranking of images to a seller on Legiit, I could put more focus on other factors that help rank a website on search engines (like content, links, technical SEO etc.).

Surprisingly, the service was finished within a day! However, we were aware that it would take a few weeks until the images would start ranking at the top of Google search and images. Even if you use the best practices, it can take a while until Google re-adjusts its rankings.

It took 3 weeks until we noticed a shift in the rankings, and our images went from position 50+ to position 1-5. These images covered different keywords that we wanted to go for, and some were more competitive than others.

Below are some of the results that we achieved through using a Legiit service to achieve the ranking we desired.

Image Ranking

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting such a huge increase in ranking when I first used the service, but now we’re getting high positions and driving more traffic to our pages because of it. The traffic is due to the image containing a link to a certain page.

When carrying out search engine optimization, do not forget about images and the importance of ranking them high within search engines. They are great at providing more traffic for your website and even improving the ranking of the whole website!

Dominate all aspects of Google rankings and start treating your images with the love they deserve. We couldn’t recommend Legiit enough for ranking images and you should give it a try yourself and notice the difference it makes today!

How I ranked a video number one on YouTube using Legiit

In previous blogs, we’ve talked about the importance of video ranking and how it can benefit your website. From directing more traffic to your site to informing your consumers about your products, videos are vital for ranking high with search engines like Google.

Remember, Google owns YouTube and due to this fact, Google search incorporates videos into its search results pages. Ranking number one for videos can also help the algorithm determine if you’re an expert within the industry.

As I mentioned in the previous section, the first step is to optimise the video. I carry out the same optimisation strategy as I use for the images. This all helps the Google algorithm understand more about what the video is related to and keep its ranking.

Next is carrying out keyword research and understanding where my video was appearing in the rankings. I noted down the rankings and started working on optimising the video on YouTube.

We have created a YouTube SEO guide here, so make sure to check out the link and learn how to become an expert on YouTube. To summarise though, we took care of the title, description and tags, whilst also making sure to include links to pages we wanted to rank.

After I optimised everything I could, I turned to Legiit to find a service that can rank videos. Once found, I purchased the service and waited! It’s really that simple. Again, I used the time I saved to focus more on other aspects of my website, like link building.

Similar to the image service, the order was completed within 24 hours but we were told to wait a few weeks until the ranking changed.

After waiting 3 weeks, I was greeted with the fantastic surprise of seeing my video jump from position 21 to position 3 in Google videos and position 1 on YouTube (previously ranking position 43).

YouTube Ranking

From position 3, the video has been getting more traffic and due to having a link in the YouTube video description, the page has also received a lot of clicks! Also, by having the video number one, we received even more traffic (as YouTube is the second largest search engine)!

In addition, having links in the description of the YouTube video allows the video to help establish authority to your channel as it links to your brand and gives your channel a better chance of achieving the rank you want.

However, if you’re wanting quicker results within YouTube, then we would recommend checking out Video Veggie! The team there have become experts within the subject of video SEO and have had huge success with its strategy.

But, if you don’t mind the wait, then we would recommend checking out some video ranking services! It’s easy to use and all you have to do is carry out keyword research and select the keywords you want to rank for.

How I ranked a video number one in Google Videos using Legiit

Similar to ranking on YouTube, ranking in Google videos can be hugely beneficial for any business. From having a video ranking in Google videos, you expand your reach by attracting customers and improving your Brand SERP.

Don’t forget, Google search results usually include a video carousel and having your video ranking on this can help you dominate the SERPs for your chosen keyword.

As always, before you start with services like this, it’s important to optimise the video before sending it off. This just allows us to build a solid foundation for the video and once it’s ranking, it usually sticks longer.

Keep in mind though, that Google videos pull its results from two main sources:

Both of these sources require different approaches but I wanted to focus more on the website source. Due to this, I had to make sure that my website was optimised already and had a decent ranking.

Embedding the video on a page that is performing poorly can hugely influence how hard it is to rank the video. It’s vital that you carry out the necessary website optimisation before attempting this.

I then moved on to carrying out keyword research and seeing what keywords we were ranking poorly for. Once found, I noted what pages they were on and what rankings they were getting.

Once that was all sorted, I found a service on Legiit that said it could rank a video and got the campaign rolling. This campaign took a while longer (around 1 week) until I got a confirmation saying the job was finished.

I had to wait 2 weeks after the notification I got from the mobile app and finally, I saw the results I wanted. I went from position 34 to position one in Google videos!

Video Ranking

In addition, you can see that the video is embedded on a page from our website, meaning that traffic that clicks on that video is taken to that page and can read more information easily. This is done by the video having a link to the page.

We also noticed that our page went up in the SERPs a couple of positions afterwards. As stated before, videos display authority on the subject you are wanting to rank for and by having that video embedded, I proved to the algorithm that we were experts on the topic.

Getting a Google video ranking service on Legiit is great and you can get some amazing results when you work with the right people.

Just remember, if you’re trying to get the video to be pulled from your website and not YouTube, you’re going to have to optimise your page properly and get it ranking within the search results first.

You can also get an embed campaign and have the video embedded on loads of websites. Doing this gives the video more reach and more links to your page.

Overall, I was really happy with what I saw and I definitely see myself using this service again, as ranking videos in Google videos is a difficult task and takes a lot of time and testing.

How I ranked a GMB number one in Google Maps using Legiit

Saving the best till last, GMB ranking has always been a desire for most SEOs out there. Being able to have your business and website displayed within Google search rankings a second time provides you with more exposure to the consumer.

As well as that, GMBs are pushed in front of people within a certain proximity to the business, meaning you can beat a lot of your competition by ranking high.

Sounds great, right? The issue is, that a lot of SEO experts find it incredibly difficult to crack the code on ranking GMBs and most have thrown in the towel and accepted defeat. But, a lot of sellers on Legiit have done the opposite!

Whilst most of the industry was sulking and feeling self-pity, Legiit sellers got to work on research and testing and because of this, they are one of the only platforms that can rank GMBs.

Before we show the rank we achieved, you have to make sure that you optimise the GMB before you submit the job.

If you don’t know how to optimise your GMB, then be sure to check out our ultimate GMB SEO guide here! Make sure you also carry out keyword research so you know what keywords to go after.

Once we carried out the optimisation, we carried out some keyword research and selected a bunch of different keywords. We noticed our GMB was stuck at the bottom of the rankings and hardly any traffic was coming through our GMB to our website.

We then handed over the job of getting the GMB to shoot through the rankings to a seller on Legiit that could rank a GMB and we waited. As we waited, we took time to optimise the website by going through it page-by-page and updating content.

As hinted above, this campaign took a while, around 2 weeks to be exact and it’s understandable why. GMBs are the most recent Google product and Google wants to do everything to stop SEOs from cheating the system.

But after the two weeks, we had to wait an additional couple of weeks for the GMB to start climbing the rankings. We were sceptical, but what we saw next completely changed our attitudes.

Our GMB didn’t just climb the rankings, but it blasted through them! It went from position 21 to position 1! As you can see below, we now rank number one for internet marketing service Leigh and we get more traffic than ever.

GMB Ranking

Having our GMB dominate Google maps has helped our brand get more attention from the local area and have got more enquiries for our services through our website via the link. By having your GMB climb the rankings of Google maps business search, you can expect huge benefits.

You could also try an embed campaign, which embeds your GMB and NAP onto different websites. These embeds act as links to your website, as people who click on them are taken directly to your GMB and can go to your website. It also helps to rank your GMB.

For your GMB needs, we can’t recommend Legiit enough as we’ve experienced the power first-hand and couldn’t be happier with the results.

How The Legiit Affiliate Program Works

You can earn an affiliate commission if someone buys a specific service you link to legitt.com.

You can promote Legiit by going to Menu > Settings > Affiliate Settings in your Legiit login.

Or by signing up here www.legiit.com/seller/affiliate

When someone clicks your Legiit affiliate link, they will be cookied to you for 7 days, where you will earn a 15% commission on their purchase.

For help or questions on the Legiit affiliate platform, please contact [email protected].

Legiit Alternatives

With so many freelance service providers out there, it can be difficult to choose which one to use to help with your quest to climb the rankings. So, we’ve listed some useful differences between Legiit and other platforms.

We’ve used all of these providers for a variety of different pages on this website, but we’ve found a clear winner and Legiit is one that we’ll be using from now on.

For more information on each provider, be sure to click the links to read our full in-depth reviews on each platform.

Legiit vs Fiverr

Fiverr has become one of the most famous freelance marketplaces on the internet. It might sound like Fiverr is already the better one, but you’d honestly be surprised.

Fiverr is fantastic for non-SEO-related tasks, like animations & voiceovers, but the issue is that the SEO services are often poor-quality and not as good as other platforms, like Legiit. Legiit offers a wider variety of different SEO services and the majority of them have great results and testimonials.

Both of these platforms provide a similar UX/UI and implement the same levels of security for transactions and personal data.

Legiit vs Fiverr

One thing that Legiit does a lot better than Fiverr is customer support. It’s easy to contact a Legiit team member and uses a live chat feature, so you can get a response quick. For more severe issues, you can send as message your complaint and attach screenshots and voice notes.

If we ever need a video created quickly and/or any other creative assets, we would most likely use Fiverr. But, when it comes to optimising our website by ranking our assets, we would hands down use Legiit to get the most out of our money.

For more information on Fiverr, be sure to click this link to be taken to our Fiverr review.

Legiit vs Upwork

Formerly known as “Elance-oDesk”, Upwork was one of the biggest freelance marketplaces on the internet for a while. The company is incredibly big and has grown since its first inception, but there are some factors that makes it different from Legiit.

Probably the main difference is that Upwork promotes long-term work with a single client, whilst Legiit is more focused on short-term work for more clients. Due to this, Legiit is a lot cheaper to use and get jobs completed compared to Upwork.

As a marketing agency, we don’t really want to focus on long-term relationships and would rather buy smaller packages and meet more people.

Legiit vs Upwork

The other huge benefit to Legiit is that the UI/UX is a lot more positive and easier to use. Upwork can be a bit confusing for new users but after some time, you’ll find your way around it.

If you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with one person and work with them on multiple different services, then Upwork is the perfect platform for you. But, if you want to improve one page at a time and at your own pace, then Legiit is the platform to use for fantastic results.

Want to learn more about Upwork? Then be sure to check out our Upwork Review by clicking the link.

Legiit vs Freelancer

Freelancer is a platform which is quite different from other freelance marketplace services. Freelancer incorporates a pay-per-hour scheme rather than a pay-per-job, meaning this platform can get expensive very quickly.

Legiit has the benefit of offering more SEO services too, as Freelancer seems more targeted at non-SEO services. But, we would rather use Fiverr than Freelancer due to the amount of money you can drain on this platform.

Legiit vs Freelancer

In addition, Freelancer has been known to ban random users, meaning their security isn’t the best, whilst Legiit is constantly checking users and only banning when necessary.

We would highly recommend using Legiit for your SEO needs and not to bother will Freelancer, as it’s a lot cheaper, quicker and more effective to use a platform like Legiit.

Before you decide, make sure to check out our Freelancer review.

Legiit vs SEOClerks

SEOClerks is a lot more niche compared to the other freelance marketplaces. SEOClerk’s name tells you all about it, it focuses just on SEO services. Compared to Legiit, SEOClerks offers more SEO services, but there are some downsides to this platform.

Firstly, the reviews. A lot of people have had a negative experience using the platform and claim that it’s full of scammers & fraudsters. Compare this to Legiit, which has hardly any negative reviews, and you can see a clear winner forming.

Legiit vs SEOClerks

Secondly, the quality. When I’ve used SEOClerks, the quality of service I receive always fluctuates between good & dreadful. Legiit, on the other hand, always manages to deliver fantastic quality of service and only recommends sellers that have fantastic ratings and great services.

I’ll be honest, I don’t use much of SEOClerks due to the negative reviews and the poor quality service. If you want to get an SEO service that’s high quality and provides fantastic results, then make sure to use Legiit, as this is the number one place to get not only your page ranking but your website!

Learn more about SEOClerks through our SEOClerks review here.

Legiit vs PeoplePerHour

Becoming increasingly popular, PeoplePerHour has started to make a name for itself by providing users with a wide variety of different services. Many people have compared PeoplePerHour to Fiverr due to how similar they are but when compared to Legiit, you start to see some clear disadvantages.

The main issue many users report, including us, is spam. Whether you receive a message as spam or buy a spammy service, PeoplePerHour has a serious problem with spam and stopping it. Even if you report as spam and give the support team everything they need, the spam is hardly ever stopped.

In addition, the support team is pretty dreadful. PeoplePerHour’s support team don’t respond often and is pretty lenient to spammers, only asking for a reason for spam and if it’s sufficient, they’re simply let off the hook.

Another huge issue is the pricing. PeoplePerHour takes a huge cut from platform fees which causes people to sell their services for a more expensive cost. Even when you go to checkout and apply a coupon, you can still expect a hefty price for what you’re buying.

Legiit vs PeoplePerHour

Legiit has none of these issues. Spam is often dealt with instantly, with an option to “report this message”. Reporting this message will flag the user to the Legiit team and a Legiit team member will promptly review and respond to the user within a short period of time.

Speaking of Legiit’s support team, the customer support team do a fantastic job of helping you out. Whether it’s spam you are notifying them about or just a problem with a product, the team will get back to you quickly and get the issue sorted.

This comparison has a clear winner, Legiit. With great prices and high-quality service, your business deserves a marketplace like this. If you’re debating using PeoplePerHour then make sure you check out our review of them here.

Want more information on PeoplePerHour? Check out our PeoplePerHour Review today!

Legiit vs Konker

Probably one of the most recent entries into the freelance marketplace industry, Konker aims to provide users with a place to purchase all sorts of services to help their business grow. In addition, the prices on this platform are low due to the marketplace charge being 5%, one of the lowest out of the whole list.

However, there is one glaring issue. The user interface is rubbish. The interface has caused a lot of problems for users and resulted in a number of technical problems. Compared to the competition, Konker feels so far behind time and it’s in desperate need of a design overhaul.

The other glaring issue we noticed is security. Konker used to be really good with controlling and policing fraud, but as time has gone on their security has dipped. Due to this, a lot more fraudsters have gotten on the platform, which is a huge risk to your business.

Legiit vs Konker

Looking a Legiit, it’s clear to see that this platform is the winner. As mentioned previously, Legiit’s security is top-notch, stopping fraudsters and scammers from entering the platform.

Regarding the UI, Legiit’s website is super easy to navigate and use, making it a great platform to incorporate into your business. Simply sign in or register on Legiit and you’re instantly ready to buy services.

Even though Konker is fairly new, we feel like Legiit still has this in the bag and will continue to use this platform for our needs. If you want fantastic SEO services, then make sure to check it out!

Our Konker Review will explain more about this platform, so check out the link.

Legiit vs The Industry

As you’ve probably read, Legiit is becoming to the go-to freelance marketplace for all your SEO needs. We’ve had fantastic results from using Legiit and saw our pages skyrocket in Google search result pages.

Seeing the rankings we gained, it’s hard to deny that Legiit has provided a fantastic service and with the site constantly improving, we’re sure that this marketplace will become an industry leader.

Buying services is simple. All you have to do is add the services to your cart and purchase! Once purchased, you can carry out your keyword research and pick which keywords you want to focus on and get the rankings you deserve.

Whilst other platforms may not be free to sign up on, Legiit is 100% free. You don’t have to worry about being stuck to a payment plan either, as you only pay for what you need.

If you want to upgrade your order, all you have to do is go to the options and select a higher package to upgrade to!

Remember that the platform uses Legiit bucks so get your account stockpiled with them by adding your Paypal and converting your currency into their unique one.

Saving best till last, Legiit also gives away free little gifts pretty often. From Legiit bucks to discount codes, you’ll be happy finding them! Legiit hide these extras, so search the website and when you’ve found it, you’ll be treated to a message like this:

“Woo Hoo! You found the hidden pizza! There may not be free pizza, but we just added $6 to your Legiit Bucks so get yourself something nice! Come back again, there’s always a pizza hiding somewhere random each day!”

The more you search through the website, the more likely you’ll find one of these “hidden pizzas”, so don’t give up to easy!

A final feature we thought to mention is the ability to select a service to share with your friends. If you want to share the current package for order, simply press the share button and send a link to those who need it. This is a fantastic feature that not many other marketplaces offer.

Make sure to check out our reviews by clicking the links to each marketplace and understand how each of the platforms links to your business and how they can help you grow. Or check out our best freelancer marketplace post and find out which one we use the most!

So, why not start today? Pick your service you want to use, select your service and add it to the cart and get your page and/or pages skyrocketing through the rankings.

Final Thoughts of Legiit

Whether you’re wanting to focus on one keyword and boost a page’s rankings or get help with your link portfolio, Legiit is the perfect platform for all your SEO needs in November2022!

We’ve used Legiit for a variety of different keywords and on different pages and all of them have started to rank and get traffic to your site. So, why wouldn’t you utilise this service and get your pages ranking for your money keyword?

Start your Legiit journey today and get your pages and site ranking for the keywords you want.

It’s never been easier and more accessible for a business to achieve the high rankings they want, so respond to this action by signing up and getting your site and pages placed high in the rankings for your desired keywords.

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