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If your GMB listing is not ranking in the Local Map Pack you will not drive traffic.

Your local ranking can make or break your SEO efforts on your GMB listing.

That is where GMB Everywhere can assist you with your GMB SEO.

GMB Everywhere is a free Google Chrome extension that helps you analyse your GMB for better rankings. From viewing your Google My Business categories on Google Maps to spying on your Google Business competitors you can improve your GMB SEO for better Local rankings.

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GMB Everywhere Features

Here are the features available within GMB Everywhere tool.

GMB Categories

The categories you assign to your Google listing is one of the top parameters when it comes to Google map business ranking.

With the GMB Everywhere Google Chrome extension, you can see the categories directly on Google Maps. This include:

  • Google Maps Business Page
  • Google Maps Search Result Page
  • Google Maps Business Page with bottom selector
  • Local Finder page

Highlighting Categories

Among the categories that you assign to your business, it is the primary category that is the primary mover.

It makes the difference between being on the 3 pack or in the bottom.

The GMB Everywhere Google Chrome extension marks the primary category with a ‘⭐’.

This way you can ideally differentiate between what is shown as the main category on google and what is the primary category.

Automatic Category Update

The GMB Everywhere Google Chrome extension works as a Google Business assistant.

This means that it automatically updates the categories while you move from one location on Google Maps to another.

You can continuously move around on Google Maps.

You can also move to the next set of result on Google Maps and the GMB categories should get automatically updated.

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