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In our Frase review, we will highlight is it the best SEO app or just another waste of time?

Frase is designed to assist you to improve your SEO content to help rank better in the SERPs.

Find out whether Frase makes the list of Best Content Optimization Tools in October 2022.

SEO content writing can be a slow and laborious task, thanks to all of the preparatory steps involved. From researching SEO keywords and analysing related posts to identifying gaps to create content to drive the most traffic, there are so many tasks involved that SEO content text writing strategies can be very time-consuming.

That means that it is not at all surprising that as soon as the cool new Frase SEO android and windows app launched, the world of content marketing and optimization started to comment about it and very little else. 

That’s because Frase promises to automate all of those topics that nobody wants to cover, from SEO analysis to brief creation. It’s a very cool prospect!

But is Frase actually any good? We’ve read all of the customer reviews and comments, and we’re here to answer all of your questions. If you’re wondering whether it’s time to replace your current SEO format marketing software and get Frase, then read on below for the answers before you download Frase and get started!

What is Frase?

Frase is a content creation platform for your phone or other computer device driven by AI services that promise to streamline and simplify your SEO content writing.

The platform is divided into two parts: Frase Content and Frase Answers.

Let’s take a look at both of these topics and what each one does.

Frase Content

Frase Content is an AI-driven SEO tool that crawls google search and other search engines to identify the queries being asked by your target audience. This then uses AI to write content briefs in a great deal of depth before offering you a range of suggestions for how to retool, optimize, and edit your files, making it easier to get onto the top page of the search rankings on engines such as Google search. 

Frase Answers

The second part of Frase is Frase Answers, a handy AI timesaver designed to take some of the workload off you. This is an AI chat bot that creates an intelligent knowledge base by crawling your website files for answers and presents those answers to your customers in a helpful format when they ask for help. It gives a great user experience, offering advanced help 24/7, and frees your time up to focus on business elements like content optimization. 

How Much does Frase cost?

The price plans for Frase are more affordable than the price of most content optimization apps. Using annual billing to save money, prices start at 39.99 for the Basic plan, including one user and 30 documents per month. That’s ideal for anyone running a one-person operation that doesn’t need to work with many documents each month.

The next price plan up is the Growth plan, at 99.99 per year, which includes access for 3 users and no monthly limits on the documents you can create with its content features.

If you want to add the Answer Engine part of the app, you’ll want the Answer Engine plan, at 199.99 per year. This includes access for 3 users and unlimited monthly documents, just like the previous plan, but also 500 answers per month per Answers Engine set up. If you want extra answers for a high traffic site, these can be purchased for 50 per 100 additional answers.

In addition to this, a free trial of the Frase app is available, so you can try it out for yourself entirely for free. This free trial allows you to create or edit up to five docs, perform unlimited question research and one crawl through the google search console, and a 30-day test of the Answer Engine, all for free. By the standards of free trials, this is a good one and should enable you to work out whether Frase is the right software for you.

Features of the Frase Content app

Frase offers a wide range of valuable features for your writing, allowing you to create and share perfectly optimised pages with a fraction of the effort that it would take to try to do it in a regular word processor like Microsoft Word or google docs. Let’s take a look at a few of the best features of this app.

Question Research

Researching the queries that your target audience are asking can take a long time, and it’s an exhausting process. It takes ages and involves a lot of collating queries in a Microsoft Word document or google docs. 

Frase allows you to forget about google docs for this stage of the process, as the app automates question research. It automatically crawls the places your potential customers are using to ask their question, such as quora or google, and collects all the info you need. Simply enter your keyword of choice, and in only a few seconds, Frase will return you a list of things that people are asking on a range of different sites, along with the keyword data and source for each question.

You can then select the queries you want to use and export them into a new writing doc in your word processor of choice. Easy!

Content Briefs generated by AI

Writing a content brief is a nightmare. Google searches for such topics are often unhelpful, and this is one of the biggest sticking points for many people when it comes to writing SEO content.

Frase automates the content briefing stage, however. It can automatically create a full content brief for your team based around your search topics in as little as 12 seconds. That’s a full brief for the team, as well, with all the research done for you. It’s not a simple skeleton but rather a fully detailed briefing document with all the data you need, such as keyword count, headings, and subsections. 

This speeds up the process massively, analysing the posts of your competitors far faster than you could ever hope to do if you were doing all of your data research on your own.

The Answer Engine

Even if you’re comfortable with data management, writing, and research, answering queries and performing other aspects of customer service can be a major drain on your time. Frase’s Answer Engine is here to help, though!

The Answer Engine is a neat little tool that crawls your entire website to create a fully intelligent knowledge base that can be used to solve any issues your customers may have. 

Running 24/7, this tool can provide instant answers to any queries that your users might have. You can also set it up to share links to relevant pages on your site in its answers in order to drive more traffic to certain pages of your site.

Frase’s Answer Engine recrawls your site once a week by default, ensuring that it’s always completely up to date and ready to provide relevant, fresh answers every time. It also provides useful data on users, such as location, language, and click-through rates, allowing you to get better metrics on who your customers are and how they want to interact with your site.

Frase Disadvantages

Frase is one of the best SEO tools out there, but it’s not perfect. Let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of the current version.

The biggest issue that stands out is the limited number of Answers Engine answers per month. A website that receives a large number of customer support requests will burn through the 500 query limit very quickly, particularly if a single customer asks additional questions in support of their first one. 

Keyword data is not included in the price plans covered above. If you want that, you’ll need SEO add on tools, which will cost you a painful 34.99 per month. It’s not ideal, but the standard version works just fine for everything other than keyword data; you just might want a keyword tool in addition to support your Frase use.

Frase Alternatives

From our research here are the best frase alternatives:

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Overall, Frase is a great bit of software.

It’s easy to use in support of your other content tools and will make your life a lot easier than trying to write SEO content in a plain Microsoft Word document or pdf templates.

Frase is a great content tool for creating content briefs and outlining what your SEO content writers should cover in their content creation.

It’s one of the best android and windows apps out there for SEO work, and it can help you to optimize your marketing content for any device’s search parameters.

It might not be a complete SEO suite, but we think you’ll love what it offers you once you really dig into what it can do for you.

From text editing to content scraping, this app can really help you like no other, and you’ll love its support features.

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