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If anyone has not seen the youtube channel FightMediocrity I strongly recommend you subscribe here.

The FightMediocrity channel takes an entire book and reduces it to the core concepts – complete with personal stories and explanations were thrown in.

“The channel is fun, it’s accessible and it’s very educational. The book summaries I can relate to personally and both the voiceover plus animation is the best online. Go watch!!”

If you do not have the time to read all these amazing books now you can speed-read (ok, watch) the classics in 10 minutes flat thanks to the Fight Mediocrity youtube channel.

The videos are purposely explained in a simplistic whiteboard animation format for effective viewing which has been proven to really help others.

Video media is becoming a more and more popular way of sharing free valuable information. This could be very effective in your workplace. Consider how you currently share information and how this could impact your work systems moving forward?

Don’t forget to make it personable, YouTube has more and more ‘YouTubers’ every day and one of the main reasons for their following is their human element. Keep it real!


Self Help Books Reviewed

If you are a fan of business and self-help books then the FightMediocrity channel is a must-have subscription in your arsenal.

The channel reviews and does a summary of all the best books in the world. All summarised in approx 5-10 minutes.

If you like the idea of developing yourself, of becoming better at what you do or working more efficiently, knowing more and being happier by controlling your brain this is the perfect channel to watch.

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