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Are you a debt company that is struggling to bring in a consistent flow of enquiries or leads right now?

Need to generate Debt Leads? We Can Help! Over 3.6 million people search Google for specialist tradesmen each month. We help them contact you when your potential customers are searching for the best debt company in the UK.

You might have tried making posts on Facebook, attending network events or even purchasing low quality leads from vendors or services that sell you multiple companies.

You are wasting money, time and potentially putting your business in a state where it can’t grow to the next level as compared to your competition.

If this is you then it’s not your fault, we can help.

You will understand how to build your organization the smart way below; here’s a hint, lead generation companies are the way forward.

Why Do Debt Companies Need a Lead Generation Company?

Debt Companies need a specialist lead generation company to bring them a consistent flow of quality leads, so they can make sales.

A Debt Company is great at providing financial help to their clients and should leave the digital marketing strategies to experts who specialise in generating leads.

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any debt company. Having a predictable stream of affordable and exclusive debt leads gives you the confidence to grow your team and your operations without worrying where the next job is coming from.

A successful debt business requires a steady flow of new customers that is not reliant on “word of mouth” to make sales.

Although word of mouth brings you some of the best quality leads it is not consistent enough to grow your business.

If you want to bring new customers to your organization, you need a strong online digital marketing strategy for attracting consumer debt leads and customers.

Lead gen companies for debt solutions deliver consistent and exclusive leads using strong marketing techniques, which takes the pressure off you to generate a lead yourself.

Type Of Debt Lead Generation

Here are the following types of enquiries generated by the best debt lead generation companies:

Buy IVA Leads

Many debt help companies are on the lookout to buy quality IVA leads for sale.

When looking to buy IVA web leads it is important to use a reputable lead generator who can segment enquiries to meet the Individual Voluntary Arrangement terms of being in more than 5k debt.

An IVA can give you more control of your assets than bankruptcy.

We are able to generate IVA leads via PPC, Facebook Ads, Youtube Ads and organic SEO ranking.

We can supply the best Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy DMP Leads

Debt management companies are always looking for a higher volume of quality leads.

A DMP is an informal agreement between borrowers and creditors for paying back your non-priority debts.

Debt management plans are usually best for people who are deeply in debt but can still make the required monthly payment. It is important for lead generation companies to segment leads knowing whether the enquirer can afford to repay monthly payments.

If the user cannot afford to repay any money per month it is more likely to become a DRO or bankrupt.

We can supply the best DMP Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy DRO Leads

Debt relief orders are common amongst debt charities like Stepchange, National Debtline and Citizen’s Advice.

A Debt Relief Order (DRO) is a way of dealing with your debts if you can’t afford to pay them.

Many individuals are not aware of which personal debt plan is best for them until speaking to a qualified debt advisor.

Some enquiries might be asking for a DRO debt package, where after speaking to them a DMP or IVA might be a better option.

We can supply the best Debt Relief Order (DRO) Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy Debt Consolidation Leads

Everyone is looking for lower interest rates and one affordable monthly repayment plan.

With our debt related articles, we get enquiries from individuals looking to consolidate all debts into a single monthly payment.

Our genuine debt leads come from organic SEO rankings, PPC and social media advertising.

We can supply the best Debt Consolidation Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy Bankruptcy Leads

Bankruptcy is increasing with the number of people in debt living paycheck to paycheck.

Bankruptcy leads in this niche need to come from a trustworthy source and that is why the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has proposed banning debt packager firms from being paid to refer customers on to other firms.

Our debt leads come from pre-screenings that include applicants who have attended debt counselling and qualify under the Bankruptcy Act.

Declaring yourself bankrupt might not be the only choice and this is where speaking to a specialist debt advisor is important to understand all debt solutions available.

We can supply the best Bankruptcy Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy Debt Settlement Leads

Generating and selling debt settlement leads helps insolvency practitioner companies grow their workload.

When individuals are searching for debt settlement help it gives the debtor the opportunity to speak to a professional debt advisor on all debt solutions.

We can generate debt settlement leads in real-time so conversion in helping the borrower is high.

We can supply the best debt settlement Leads that are exclusive to your business.

Buy Business Debt CVL Leads

Insolvency Practitioners are always looking for a consistent flow of quality CVL leads in the UK.

A Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation (CVL) is an official procedure whereby a company’s assets are liquidated in order to pay creditors. It’s typically initiated by directors when their company becomes insolvent and there is no hope of business recovery.

When businesses are searching for debt liquidation help it gives the company the opportunity to speak to the professional debt advisor on all business debt solutions.

We can generate Creditor’s Voluntary Liquidation business debt leads in real-time.

We can supply the best CVL Leads that are exclusive to your insolvency practice.

Buy Business Debt CVA Leads

Insolvency Practitioners are always looking for a consistent flow of quality CVA leads in the UK.

If your limited company is insolvent, it can use a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) to pay creditors over a fixed period. If creditors agree, your limited company can continue trading.

When businesses are searching for debt administration help it gives the company the opportunity to speak to the professional debt advisor on all business debt solutions.

We can generate Company Voluntary Arrangement business debt leads in real-time.

We can supply the best CVA Leads that are exclusive to your insolvency practice.

Buy Business Debt Insolvency Practitioner Leads

Insolvency in UK businesses is at an all-time high with COVID affecting many companies to close.

Insolvency Practitioners know the best solutions to close the company which could be liquidation, winding up the business or a company dissolution.

We can supply the best Insolvency Practice Leads that are exclusive to your company.

Popular Questions

What are the Most Popular Types of Debt?

The most popular debt types in the UK are:

  • Credit cards
  • Student loans
  • Quick cash loans
  • Mortgages
  • Overdraft
  • Catalogue Debt

How Do People Get in Debt?

Not budgeting properly can cause households to get into debt.

Borrowers find themselves with more debt than they are feasibly able to repay, causing them to borrow more.

It becomes a circle of borrowing, repaying and repeated lending more money.

Getting professional debt help is required to help with all possible debt solutions.

Best Debt Settlement Leads

It’s really no surprise why our debt settlement leads service is the best solution for companies looking to increase their sales. When we sell leads to you, there’s no long term commitments and you can stop at any time you desire!

But why would you want to? Our debt relief leads are some of the best available on the market! We don’t offer any upfront fees and you only pay for leads that convert. We generate these leads through a variety of different channels.

We will promote your debt relief services to a massive audience through social media channels, SERPs, emails and more! We offer a free consultation, where we can learn what type of debt relief leads you want. From unpaid bulls to personal loans, we can give you consumers that convert.

Save resources and maximise revenue by using us. Generating the quality of leads we create took years of research and perfection. Using our service skips the hassle of your sales team trying to convince people to use your service. Leads generated by FatRank are consumers ready to use your service, all you got to do is answer their calls and go from there.

Why let your debt settlement company struggle against the competition? Get the advantage on them today and watch your profits sky-rocket as hundreds of consumers come to you for help with credit card debt, unsecured debt and more.

How To Generate More Leads For Debt

Here are online strategies to generate debt leads.


Search engine optimisation helps to rank the debt websites higher in the SERPs.

The higher position the site rankings drives more clicks and in turn more enquiries.

This is a brilliant way to create debt settlement leads.

Link Building

Building backlinks is the most important SEO ranking factor for improving your website strength.

We recommend using high rise links to receive relevant and powerful link building packages backlinks.

For trusted link building strategies there is no higher trusted site than Wikipedia so WikiWookiee can provide you with this.

Optimised Content

The content on your web page needs to be SEO optimised for what the algorithms expect to see on the given topic.

Optimised content is an important area of digital marketing and can be an easy way to boost leads, as it may help you rank better in the SERPs.

We recommend using surfer SEO or marketmuse to assist the content optimisation strategies.


Google My Business is a great platform to drive phone leads and web form leads online.

Find out all the strategies on how to optimise your GMB profile today to boost your leads.

Be sure to drive extra five-star reviews to your GMB from companies like Rate My Business.


Triggering the google suggest is a superb way to influence the search path of potential customers and generate organic leads.

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect can change real people’s perception of a subject or influence search queries.

Find out how to trigger the google suggestion or use a specialist autosuggest optimisation company.

Buy Leads

If you want to generate leads for exclusive enquiries, buying leads would be a brilliant decision.

You can, of course, attempt to generate your own leads, however, this can become very expensive and the process can be long.

Buying leads, instead of trying to generate your own, will be quicker and cheaper in the long run.


Pay per click advertising in Google SERPs is where the ads appear at the top of the results when people search for queries online using Google.

Pay Per Click ads is usually worth it if the ROAS (return on ad spend) is good, as it can increase your flow of leads.

PPC ads are a great tool to grow a customer base because they are focused on the exact search queries to suit your services.

Find out more information on pay per click lead generation strategies in September 2022.

Rank and Rent

The rank and rent model is renting out a lead generation company’s website built by a digital landlord.

The lead generation expert builds the rank and rent website to drive leads for the targeted industry.

The Debt Business has one of the following agreements to buy leads:

Video SEO

Ranking videos is another form of effective frequency marketing that can drive debt leads.

If you have a promotional video promoting your services you want to order a video ranking service with Video Veggie.

The video veggie service knows all the latest youtube ranking factors in September 2022 to get your video ranking number one in Google Videos and Youtube.

Why Buying Exclusive Real-Time Debt Leads Is Great For Business Growth

When you go to purchase real-time debt leads you are setting your business up for success since you are essentially making an investment by ensuring your business will have a steady income flow and generate new customers with the leads.

Investing in debt leads is the best way to help your business to grow and generate more revenue. Some of our existing clients who have purchased debt leads have provided us with feedback that they were able to:

  • Upsell Credit Card Debt Leads
  • Upsell Bankruptcy Leads
  • Upsell IVA Leads
  • Upsell Debt Settlement Leads
  • Upsell Debt Management Plan Leads

Are Debt Lead Generation Companies Worth It?

Debt lead generation companies are one of the best ways that you can guarantee that your company will be successful since debt leads can help you to increase your revenue and generate a lot of new customers.

Finding the right debt company will eventually provide your business with a huge return on investment since the leads you have will turn into actual orders.

Having a quick and efficient service when purchasing debt leads will positively impact your business and help to turn enquiries into paying customers.

What Are The Options?

You have 3 options available.

Do Nothing

You do absolutely nothing and your debt business doesn’t grow as you fail to get any leads or new clients.

Your competitors will dominate and take their business onto another level, leaving you trailing behind.

The referrals from existing clients can’t keep you busy enough to pay the bills.

Generate Your Own Debt Leads

You can try and generate your own debt leads.

But you will need a large investment in digital marketing expenditure to get this to work and to purchase leads.

I see a lot of businesses nowadays go and blow £20,000 on a website but they just have a pretty website they aren’t marketing that site which is just so stupid, that’s the equivalent of going out and buying a Ferrari without an engine if you aren’t marketing the site in any way how are you expecting to get more leads & sales.

Register With Tradesmen Websites

You can register your websites to the most popular tradesman websites online like:

The problem with registering with these paid online lead directories is all your competition is alongside your listing and it is a battle on the lowest prices to secure the works.

Hire The Experts

Hiring the experts gives you the time to improve your sales strategies.

If you hire a debt lead generation business you can demand the type of leads you want and focus on making sales.

You could be focussing on debt settlement leads, debt consolidation, debt relief, or any other debt solution.

Debt lead generation experts hold all the knowledge to deliver real-time leads to their customers.

Generating leads can be difficult, if you purchase leads you can focus on your clients and sales, rather than stressing about lead generation yourself.

Leave it to the professionals to generate quality and exclusive leads for you.

If the conversion does not work out you can pause or cancel any contracts easily; some companies even offer free trials to give you an example of the work they can deliver.

Final Thoughts

Do you need to ask yourself whether you want to grow your debt business?

You see in my experience there are two types of businesspeople.

  • Those who don’t jump on things when the opportunity presents itself and doesn’t take the action required to get the results.
  • And those when an opportunity is presented jump on it, take that action and get the results that they are looking to achieve, such as successful lead generation.

And since you’re still here to the end of this article I’m going to assume you’re one of those people who does take action on things.

If I’m right and you’re still with me then I’m ready to jump on a call with you and discuss your problems as a business owner.

All we need is your phone number and contact details to get started and get generating leads.

Debt consolidation leads are hard to find in today’s market. Many lead generation companies can’t offer the same quality service as us, meaning the majority of debt relief companies using them are actually at a disadvantage.

We only work with the best debt consolidation companies, as we want our high quality leads to convert and consumers to be happy with our service. When we run a campaign, we put all our attention and effort into it; so you can be assured that you’re paying for some world-class leads.

Keeping cost low is important to any business and that’s why we’re so popular. You only pay for leads that convert, so even if one of our leads for sale is low-quality, your business doesn’t have to bother with it.

Grow your business today and enjoy real-time leads. Gain more clients and help thousands of people across the UK with unpaid bills, debt collectors and more! Email us today for a free consultation and let’s get your debt settlement company the great treatment it deserves!

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