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Are you a Builder that is struggling to bring in a consistent flow of enquiries right now?

Need to Generate Leads? We Can Help! Over 3.6 million people search Google for specialist tradesmen each month. We help them contact you when your potential customers are searching for the best builders in the UK.

You might have tried making a blog post on social media sites, like Facebook. You could have been attending network events. You might have even been purchasing low-quality leads from vendors that sell to multiple companies to attempt to reach your target audience.

You are wasting money, time and potentially putting your business in a state where it can’t grow to the next level compared to your competition.

If this is you then it’s not your fault.

You will understand how to build your business and be generating leads the smart way below.

You will be building a lead generation funnel as clients approach landing pages from search engines.

There are different stages to a lead generation funnel. Starting the sales funnel will show the awareness of your target audience and the buyer’s journey. In the end, it becomes a complete lead magnet.

Why Do Builders Need a Lead Generation Company?

Builders needs a specialist lead generation company to bring them a consistent flow of qualified leads.

Why do builders need a lead generation company

A builder is great at providing excellent construction for their clients and should leave the digital marketing strategies to marketing team experts who specialise in this.

Sales leads are the lifeblood of any building company. Having a predictable stream of affordable and exclusive building leads gives you the confidence to grow your team and your operations without worrying where the next job is coming from.

A successful builder requires a steady flow of new customers that is not reliant on “word of mouth”.

Although word of mouth brings you some of the best quality leads it is not consistent enough to grow your business as they are not always created equal.

If you want to attract potential customers to your sales team, you need a strong online strategy to attract leads. You should also attract resources for lead generation marketing campaigns.

Types Of Building Leads

Here are a number of amazing construction leads that you can get access to:

Buy Commercial Unit Leads

Commercial unit leads should be purchased from reputable building lead companies. These should specialise in commercial properties.

Whether you are looking for multi-million-pound commercial unit leads or smaller construction project plans, we can supply tailor-made leads to ensure they are exclusive to you!

Buy Residential Property Leads

You may be looking for single residential property leads or multi-residential property leads… luckily enough, we can supply incredibly exclusive leads for you!

You can be alerted for the smaller singular residential leads, such as housing extensions or small new builds. You can also have an alert to larger-scale leads, such as complete residential conversions.

You can have the best leads that will ensure you of all the construction leads for residential properties.

Buy Building Contractor Leads

Supplying leads for building contractors are essential as they create the complete design, therefore, the building would not happen without them.

We can supply leads for contractors in the building industry, that are completely tailor-made and exclusive to you so that all of your boxes are ticked.

The lead generation marketing we can supply for you will ensure that you get the best contractor leads available.

Buy Planning Leads

As a brilliant method to gain contractors, suppliers, and opportunities available to you, you should look at getting planning leads!

We can certainly supply you with the best planning leads to ensure you get the greatest chance of exclusive leads and opportunities.

Planning leads can help you know for certain, the projects that will suit you most.

Popular Questions

What Building Services Can be Offered?

There are numerous building services that can be provided, such as:

  • Commercial units
  • Small singular residential areas
  • Large multi-residential areas


How much does building services cost?

The pricing of your building service will thoroughly determine on the sizing, place, and what you are physically having built.

The majority of the time, building contractors will work with the clients to assure the most cost-effective work.

How To Generate More Leads For Building

If you’re struggling to generate enough leads for your business to keep your staff occupied and/or grow, then we’ve got some great lead generation marketing tips for you.

How do you generate more building leads

Here are lead generation strategy types to draw in your target audience and gain lead generation tools and forms.

These can also massively improve lead quality and bring new and existing customers to your landing page.


Search engine optimisation helps to rank the building websites higher in the SERPs.

The higher position the website rankings drives more clicks and in turn more enquiries and a great lead generation campaign.

This is one of the very effective lead generation strategies that can involve a free tool, Google Search Console and the free Google tool, Google Analytics, so you can analyse the data such as website visitors to your landing page.

Link Building

Building backlinks is the most important SEO ranking factor for improving your website strength and again, great lead generation campaigns.

We recommend using high rise links to receive relevant and powerful link building packages backlinks.

For trusted link building strategies there is no higher trusted site than Wikipedia so WikiWookiee can provide you with this.

Optimised Content

The content on your website needs to be SEO optimised for what the algorithms expect to see on the given topic.

We recommend using surfer SEO or marketmuse to assist the content optimisation strategies.

This is an inbound marketing strategy that ensures the Google search engine brings in more traffic to your landing pages, new leads and generates leads constantly.

Despite not all leads coming from this, you should note what makes inbound lead generation important is that it can save your business from disruptive calls.

Rank and Rent

The rank and rent model is renting out lead gen websites built by a digital landlord.

The lead gen expert builds the rank and rent website to drive leads for the targeted industry.

How can the rank & rent system help with generating building leads

The Building Company has one of the following agreements:


Google My Business is a great platform to drive phone call enquiries and web form leads online to your landing page.

Find out all the strategies on how to optimise your GMB profile.

Be sure to drive extra five star reviews to your GMB from companies like Rate My Business.


Triggering the google suggest is a superb way to influence the search path of potential customers.

The Search Engine Manipulation Effect can change real peoples perception of a subject or influence search queries.

Find out how to trigger the google suggestion or use a specialist autosuggest optimisation company.

Buy Building Leads

Attempting to generate your own enquiries can lead you to spend more money than you would for simply just buying them.

Not only will your spending increase, but you will also be wasting valuable time.

Buying exclusive leads will be incredibly beneficial for saving money in the long run.

If you want your building leads company to be the best it can be, enquire now with the link above.


Pay per click advertising in Google SERPs is where the ads appear at the top of the results when people search for queries online using Google.

Pay Per Clicks ads is usually worth it if the ROAS (return on ad spend) is good.

PPC ads are a great tool to grow a customer base because they are focused on the exact search queries to suit your services.

You can find out more information about pay per click lead generation tactics in August 2022

Video SEO

Ranking videos is another form of effective frequency marketing that can drive building leads.

Video SEO generates building leads

If you have a promotional video promoting your services you want to order a video ranking service with Video Veggie.

The video veggie service knows all the latest youtube ranking factors in August 2022 to get your video ranking number one in Google Videos and Youtube.

Why Buying Exclusive Real-Time Building Leads Is Great For Business

By purchasing real-time building leads you are making an investment into your business since building leads are perfect for business growth.

By investing in building leads you are essentially setting your business up for success since you are ensuring that your business has a steady income flow.

Buying building leads can also help to boost your brand awareness which means more customers will discover your business.

Some of our existing clients who have purchased building leads have provided us feedback that they were able to:

  • Upsell Electrician Leads
  • Upsell Plumbing Leads
  • Upsell Agricultural Leads
  • Upsell Bricklayer Leads

Are Building Lead Generation Companies Worth It?

Building lead generation companies are the perfect way to grow your business and create a better brand awareness which will generate new customers.

When buying building leads finding the right building lead generation company can provide your company with a huge return on investment since the leads can turn into orders.

Having a quick service when purchasing building leads will give your business a better chance of turning an enquiry into a paying customer.

What Are The Options?

You have 3 options available.

Do Nothing

You do absolutely nothing and your building business doesn’t grow as most leads will not magically appear.

Your competitors will dominate and take their business to another level.

The referrals from existing clients can keep you busy enough to pay the bills.

Generate Your Own Building Leads

You can try and generate your own building leads as your own sales teams.

But you will need a large investment in marketing expenditure to get this to work.

I see a lot of businesses nowadays go and blow £20,000 on a website but they just have a pretty website they aren’t marketing that website which is just so stupid, that’s the equivalent of going out and buying a Ferrari without an engine if you aren’t marketing the site in any way how are you expecting to get high quality leads & lead scoring sales.

Register With Tradesmen Websites

You can register your websites to the most popular tradesman websites online like:

The problem with registering with these paid online directories is all your competition is alongside your listing and it is a battle on lowest prices to secure the works.

Hire The Experts

Hiring the experts gives you the time to improve your sales team strategies.

Hire the best building lead generation experts today

If you hire a building lead generation process company you can demand the type of leads you want.

If the conversion does not work out you can pause or cancel any contracts easily.

Final Thoughts

You need to ask yourself whether you want to grow your building business?

You see in my experience there are two types of businesspeople.

  • Those who don’t jump on things when the opportunity presents itself and doesn’t take the action required to get the results.
  • And those when an opportunity is presented jump on it take that action and get the results that they are looking to achieve.

And since you’re still here to the end of this article I’m going to assume you’re one of those people who does take action on things.

What is our final thoughts on how to generate building leads

If I’m right and you’re still with me then I’m ready to jump on a call with you and discuss your problems as a business owner.

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