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All SEO’s are desperate to find the latest SEO Knowledge Bombs in April 2023.

Are you short of that one big knowledge bomb to help you skyrocket your rankings?

In this Biggest SEO Knowledge Bombs guide, we run through all the key information shared to help you rank higher in Google.

Best SEO Knowledge Bombs

From our research here are the best SEO knowledge bombs from the biggest influencers.

Matt Diggity

Do all things.

Matt Woodward

Only buy backlinks that are not in the toxic list.

Ste Toth

Subscribe to SEO Notebook.

Karl Hudson

Build topical authority and buy quality backlinks.

Kasra Dash

The best SEO’s are the people who can manage a team, build SOPs and improve quality control.

Key Takeaway

Why do SEOs claim to have so many “hacks” to get you ranked on top of page one?

I’m often asked – what’s your best knowledge bomb?

By hungry hack seekers, hoping I’ll give them the one little thing that will transform their entire business career.

Have the “winning strategy” – I say

“What is the winning strategy?” I hear them ask.

I’ve been in SEO for over a decade, helped over 1,000 clients rank, built tens of thousands of backlinks and got my own sites on top of Google.

It’s not possible to distil that knowledge into one simple sentence.


I have packaged up my entire “strategy” into one simple plan that anybody can “use”.

It is not a hack.

It is the compression of:

  • ???? Countless hours of SEO strategizing, masterminding and down in the trenches dirty work ranking sites.
  • ???? Hundreds of thousands of $$$ spending on backlinks, content, coaching, private mentorship

ALL the knowledge and experience packaged into a repeatable process that can be used to get any website ranked on top of page one.

Made available using the Ranking Report.

We will use our proprietary system to tell you:

  • ✅ Exactly what your content should be about and what keywords to optimize your pages for
  • ✅ Exactly what the word count of the content should be
  • ✅ Exactly how many pages of this content you need
  • ✅ Exactly what types of links to build
  • ✅ Exactly how many links to build
  • ✅ Exactly where to point your links to

When you do things in this way you do exactly what Google wants and rank at the lowest cost – instead of wasting budget on links and content you don’t need.

I’m offering to hand everything over to you inside an easy to understand report that is very simple to implement – my team can even help you do so.

You’ll get 100% of the $399 cost back to spend on links and content with my service – to help you rank on top of Google.

So the Ranking Report is basically FREE if you’re already spending money on links and content.

Hit the link below to grab yours before the offer ends.

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