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“All The Very Best” is a very common usage that is not grammatically correct.

The term “all the very best” is used to wish someone happiness and success e.g. we wish you all the very best in your new job.

Best is already a superlative and there cannot be a “very best”.

‘Best’ is already in superlative degree. Using the word ‘very’ makes it superfluous. So grammatically, it is incorrect.

But it is used to emphasise the nature of being really good by adding a superlative to a superlative!

Like a lot of people say “I will give 110 %”.

You cannot give more than a hundred out of a hundred.

Where do we use all the best?

When is All The Very Best Used?

When you are saying goodbye to someone, or at the end of a letter or an email many use “all the very best”.

The main use is “All the very best to you!”.

Whereby the very best is meaning:

  • Best wishes
  • Best of health
  • Best of luck
  • Sincerely yours
  • Kind regards

Popular Questions

Is it correct to say all the very best?

The phrase ‘all the very best’ is not correct.

Though the adverb also qualifies the adjectives along with the verbs – the superlative form of the adjective does not leave scope for any objective hence it has to be avoided.

All the best will be correct.

What is another way to say all the very best?

Here are alternatives to all the very best:

  • You’ll do great
  • Wishing you lots of luck
  • Good luck
  • Wishing you all the best
  • Best of luck
  • Hopefully, things will turn out fine


Although “all the very best” is not grammatically correct, then it is a nice gesture to use.

Being used to wish someone happiness and success is a great mindset technique used by entrepreneurs.

Added the term “very” makes it feel that bit more personal and therefore although not grammatically correct it is a good phrase to use in conversations.

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