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Entering Entrepreneurship – The Digital Workshop

Many youngsters get asked what they want to be when they are older. Nowadays there has been a huge rise in students saying ‘I want to be an entrepreneur’. What is Entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship is the act of setting up your own company and taking on financial risks in the hope to make a profit. With […]

Elliot Preston – The Digital Workshop

I was excited to attend the workshop due to my love of the internet and the uncertainty of my future. I knew digital and the internet was always an option due to how well it is doing. SEO is the most searched for skill online and world thriving industries. What is the Digital Workshop? The […]

Ben Proctor – The Digital Workshop

I was given an amazing opportunity to take part in their Digital Workshop scheme and it was a brilliant introduction and elaboration on the digital marketing industry and the world! Experience Gained Over the past two days, I have learnt so much ranging from how the digital world is constantly changing to how being an […]