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EEAT Quality Rater Guidelines – FatRank

Google has made significant changes to its (QRG) Quality Rater Guidelines for search. Google Quality Rater Guidelines have continuously been updated recently in their constant battle to try and improve the SERPs. The most important change to the Quality Rater Guidelines (QRG) is the introduction of the letter E to the start of the popular […]

Too Many Low Quality Backlinks

If you have more low-quality backlinks than your competitors this is considered a spammy link profile. If all your links have zero referring domains, zero traffic, social and not relevant your backlink profile is low quality and this can be bad for your rankings. How to Know if Your Backlinks are Spammy? If you have […]

Niche Edits | [Highest Quality] Contextual Backlinks

Niche Edit Contextual Links represent a new era in the art of editorial link outreach. Link vendors carry out their SEO link building services by reaching out to real webmasters, to build links in existing content – content that already exists. Utilising the SEO skills they look for relevant articles and naturally weave your anchor […]