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Progressive Content Optimisation SEO – FatRank

Progressive Optimisation of your content is a huge SEO ranking factor in January 2023. High quality, original content is the base for all your other SEO efforts. Success with SEO starts with outstanding quality, optimised content. With Progressive Optimisation, you make a change and then track it. When you get a boost in rankings, you […]

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Most of us have a basic idea of how a search engine works but here is an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation, you type in your search term for whatever it is you want to find, and your search engine of choice displays thousands of results for web pages which might help you find what […]

Information Gain Scores For SEO Content Optimisation

Correlating content is all the rage in the SEO communities. But is copycat content really going to improve your rankings in the SERPs? If you are using tools like Surfer SEO are you just following their true density? Information gain scores are additional data one source brings compared to other sources on the same dataset. […]

Google Bot Crawl Budget Optimisation

Google Bot Crawling Websites If you are new to search engine optimisation and not sure what spiders or Google bot crawlers are then research this before carrying on with this article. When carrying out a Google search you are not searching the world wide web. You are actually searching Google’s index of the web. Or […]