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CTR Geeks Course – FatRank

The CTR Geeks Course is a must-have if you are looking to become a CTR ninja that can dominate your SERP’s. If you are wondering “is it really a good idea to manipulate CTR?” then check out our CTR SEO guide. The problem in April 2023 is the majority of search engine optimisation specialists understand […]

SERP Empire Review – Best CTR SEO Tool February 2023

The click-through rate on your website is one of the most important elements to consider. The reason CTR is very important is that the search engines, such as Google, rank your website based on the site’s click-through rate and user engagement. In fact, most search engine optimization authorities will tell you that an organic CTR […]

SearchSEO CTR Bot Review – FatRank

Click-through rate has been voted the #1 ranking factor in January 2023. So are you making the most of your CTR SEO techniques to improve your rankings? You should be using CTR tools directly to images, social media profiles and web pages you want to rank across multiple brands you own. If you want to […]

CTR SEO – Advanced Click Through Rate Strategies September 2022

All growth hackers and SEO’s understand that the main ranking factors over previous years have been content and backlinks. But the waters in September 2022 are starting to muddy nowadays and other ranking factors are starting to be rewarded from our testing. Although this article will explain why and how CTR Manipulation works you need […]

CTR Booster Review | Best CTR Traffic Bot Analysis

Are you making the most of your Click Through Rate Manipulation SEO strategy to improve your search eng click-through rate- CTR bots like SERP Empire, SearchSEO and SERPclix. “Not manipulating CTR to your advantage is like saying Build Great Content and the external and internal Links Will Naturally Come. No!! To rank sites, you purchase […]

Calculate Your Organic SEO CTR Manipulation

Many people ask me from my CTR Manipulation SEO article how to calculate the CTR formula. Click Through Rate is a super powerful SEO strategy that improves your rankings in Google. We provide exact CTR calculations, which our team use to raise any alarms to Google for not looking natural. The sheet in where we extract […]