Encourage Learning In The Workplace

Learning in the workplace is beneficial to both employees and employers.

So what are the benefits of employee engagement? Jump to my summary if in a rush ?

In the SEO World, the algorithms update daily and staying ahead of the curve is crucial to business success.

Most successful businesses will recognize that highly skilled workers are invaluable and that keeping employees up-to-date on their training keeps the business competitive and productive.

Where I Fooooked Up?

I started to realise recently a lot of my staff follow systems brilliantly and get shit done – but rarely look to create new innovative systems themselves.

Teaching them on the latest algorithm updates and how to fix them is not the answer. The solution is training the staff to find and source the problem themselves.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”

On fantasy football, Elliot studies form, data and an analytical brain to make decisions well.

If I said to him “Elliot make AGUERO captain next week” then he’d prob reply to me saying “Naaaa I’m going with SALAH because easier fixture and XYZ” = that’s because he is judging his decisions on data, facts and studying form.

Example with Elliot in The Workplace

In work, if I said “Elliot use Cloudflare for caching, XYZ for hosting and buy links from ABC” then he’d reply “Ok no probs I have done it” = that’s because he is not looking at what he is doing, studying why that cache is best or testing data from potential others.

Encouragement Is Needed

When I set the initial processes they are the first draft and should be improved daily as we test things along the way.

Encouragement is needed to staff in making sure they understand the why, how and what they are doing so these tasks can be improved along the way.

Strategic learning can provide the edge that a business needs to succeed where others have failed, and aligning the needs of the employees with the needs of the company can work well to promote a positive and supportive work environment; the employees feel valued at the same time as they are adding value to the business.

Of course, while many people enjoy learning and will need little encouragement, not all employees will be as enthusiastic from the outset. This is where guidance and encouragement is needed so they understand the power of taking action to be the best they can be.

Ways to Encourage Learning In The Workplace

Here are ways to motivate employees and promote learning in the workplace:

  1. Lead By Example – Seeing you take a proactive role in your skill development will make others far more likely to do the same.
  2. Be Approachable – It is important that employees feel they have support, and that they have somebody they can turn to if they have questions or concerns about their learning.
  3. Mentoring – Make sure that employees know that you are interested in their progress and that you are open to hearing about any problems or issues they might encounter during their training.
  4. Work For Both Parties – The benefits to the business are obvious, but employee motivation to learn will be much greater if they feel that their career progression is being taken into account.
  5. Appreciate Their Extra Effort – Acknowledge the meeting of targets and achievement of goals, and let particularly hard-working employees know that you see and are impressed by their progress.
  6. Internal Training – It is no secret that often, people retain information best after teaching it to somebody else.


Motivating workers to learn new skills in the workplace should be an important goal for many companies.

Knowing how to get employees excited about training is the key to employee satisfaction and business success.

The benefits of employee engagement are they are happier in every aspect of their lives helping them to be more productive and efficient. Put simply, engaged employees feel valued at work and are happy to be there.

I am personally going to make training internally between staff part of the company culture to raise everyone’s awareness, skillset and team mentality to grow together.

The Path to Success is Massive, Determined Action

As an employer, I truly value my staff time and am actively interested in their success — not just on the job, but over the long haul.

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