DO NOT SAY You Got To Test It

Have you ever asked an SEO-related question in a Facebook group and had a bunch of replies saying “You Got To Test It”.

Well, thanks for that amazing answer you fucking prick.


But when asking a question I do not need to be told to go and test it lol.

There is nothing worse than when asking a specific question and Einstein pops up and comments “Why don’t you test it”.

Let’s dive into why this comment is pointless, not helpful and you are a tosser for saying it.

Ask Questions Regularly

Asking questions is certainly a great strategy to network and share results with like-minded people.

If no one in these communities asked questions it would not spark any debates.

And debates are great because in today’s nuanced algorithms I can assure you now we all will have different results on what is working the best in September 2022.

If people stopped default commenting with “Test It” then the communities would be such a better place for debates or expanding your knowledge.

Providing the answer “TEST IT” gives zero help to the person asking the question.

In future treat the person asking the question as if he has a huge team of testers – but seeks clarification because the results are varying.

Try to provide some level of help or if you want to keep your trade secrets then just do not comment.

The Power of Networking

I can assure you most of the highest-level entrepreneurs you follow or subscribe to will tell you networking is a huge factor in their success in September 2022.

The Power of Networking

Why? Because you can bounce ideas from each and share testing results to fast-track implementing strategies that work in today’s algorithm.

Attending masterminds will 100% change the way you think and open up ideas you never even considered. Here are some popular SEO masterminds:


The reason why sharing SEO results is so important is that all industry algorithms are nuanced.

What might work in the finance niche – might not be the same in the gambling industry.

It is commercial suicide to NOT ask questions and try to get a headstart on your projects.

One of the classic lines is You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

  • Known–knowns (knowledge you know about)
  • Unknown–knowns (this is where people ask questions)
  • Known–unknowns (not really interested as could be different trade)
  • Unknown–unknowns (unfathomable uncertainty)

On the unknown-knowns, this is where someone is uncertain about something but they know when asking in a group they could find the answer (as someone else is a specialist in that area).

On the unknown-unknowns then when people are open to learning or asking questions they get presented with the information they did not even know existed.

You should be consistently asking questions to expand your knowledge of the unknown-knowns and unknown-unknowns.

Be Careful With The Answers

Asking questions is certainly a surefire way to fast-tracking your knowledge and growing your company.

But be mindful on the answers you receive might not all be accurate as there are many SEO MYTHs out there.

Be Careful With The Answers

This is where you should be testing.

I love testing and it is a huge cost to my business because we want to stay ahead of the game.

But if you ask questions and get answers then these responses can spark more areas for tests.


In future do not comment on a question to say “You Should Test It” because it brings zero value and makes you look like an idiot.

Treat the questions as if someone is thoroughly testing things and wondering what other results people are getting.

When you go to a restaurant you rely on other people’s opinions on reviews before you make a decision on which places to book.

You don’t reply saying “I ain’t telling you which is nice because you got to go and try them all yourself”.

Knowing the algorithms are nuanced it is IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to of tested every variation of ranking factors in every single niche.

It is great learning single variable testing from Kyle Roof or listening to Matt Diggity’s youtube channel which can be informative – but knowing each niche is nuanced then marketers should be collaborating more.

Next time you see Einstein comment “YOU GOT TO TEST IT” then share them this link and call them a bellend ha.

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