Best Place to Buy Backlinks

The number one question asked in a mastermind is where is the best to buy backlinks?

I really hate the answer – it depends.

But it is true because there are so many variants to that question.

The Best Place to Buy Backlinks depends on the niche you are competing in as some can rank high in Google search engines with topical authority alone. Some websites might be lacking power and need high authoritative links and some could be in need of relevance in the backlink profile.

Its important to remember that buying backlinks is generally against Google’s guidelines, however if you’re buying links from a reputable vendor that builds organic, powerful links to your website, then you can get some fantastic results in the SERPs from doing this.

In this backlinking guide, we will cover all the best link building packages your website might need to rank higher in August 2022.

The Results

If you suffer from Too Long Didn’t Read (TLDR) here are the results of the best places to buy high quality backlinks from:

  1. Best Guest Post Link Provider – Searcharoo
  2. Best Link Building Package Provider – High Rise Links
  3. Best Citations Link Provider – SEO Butler
  4. Best Tier Two Link Provider – Rank Club
  5. Best RSOS Link Provider – Get Me Links
  6. Best Outreach Link Provider – ABC Plus
  7. Best Press Release Provider – PR Editorial Release
  8. Best Wikipedia Link Provider – Wiki Wookiee

Do Quality Backlinks Help You Rank Higher in the SERPs?

One of the most critical steps to SEO is receiving quality backlinks from other websites to your page.

If you buy quality backlinks to your website the search engines view these as recommendations for your site.

When your website receives multiple backlinks from these trusted and high-quality established pages, search engine algorithms determine that your site similarly contains valuable and credible content, and thus increases your search result ranking.

Authoritative pages are established and recognised websites that have published information relevant to your niche.

What is the Best Place to Buy Guest Post Backlinks?

The best place to buy guest post backlinks is Searcharoo. Searcharoo offer guest post backlinks that are both very relevant and powerful, benefitting client’s Google ranking in all sorts of niches. They’re also very competitive in terms of how much the links cost, too.

The main benefits of having guest posts backlinks built to your website is that these help drive power to your domain, which in turn improves website’s rankings in the search engine results pages.

Dofollow links from relevant sites can significantly increase your rankings in the search engines for niche specific keywords as well, which can make these high quality backlinks very worthwhile.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Link Building Packages?

The best place to buy link building packages is High Rise Links. High Rise Links are experts at providing many different links types within their packages, helping to benefit client’s sites in various ways. These guys are definitely one of the best companies selling links right now.

One of the biggest advantages of link packages for websites is that this digital marketing technique offers a variety of different link types within one link package. The key is to determine how many links you need from niche relevant sites in order to improve your organic traffic.

Because of this, many customers that use businesses such as High Rise Links to carry out their strategies see brilliant results for their SEO, as their link diversity and website power significantly increases.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Citations?

The best place to buy citations is SEO Butler. SEO Butler are known to offer citations that really improves website’s link diversity, and are a great option for those wanting to do local SEO.

The reason citations are excellent for local SEO is because they pull in your NAP listing (name, address and phone number). This can give you a great little boost for local search engine optimisation services.

Additionally, because citations are all no followed links, these are great for enabling you to build really powerful do follow links naturally in the future.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Tier Two Links?

The best place to buy tier two links is Rank Club. Rank Club are a link provider that specialise in building links to your links for when you need that extra push of power.

Building tier 2 links has become more and more popular in the SEO industry as of late, as having powerful links that are powered up pointing to your site is certainly something Google likes.

Having s link placement with power is often the secret sauce to boosting your rankings to exactly where you want them.

Where is the Best Place to Buy RSOS Links?

The best place to buy RSOS links is Get Me Links. RSOS stand for “reverse sink or swim”, and the idea of these links is that they’re as relevant as possible, with your keywords actually included in the title, URL and content of your links.

These RSOS links are seen as the holy grail of link services, because they’re a great way of telling Google exactly what your website or page is about.

Many clients that work with Get Me Links report brilliant results when they buy links through them, helping to improve website traffic, which is a testament to the power of this link type.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Outreach Links?

The best place to buy outreach links is ABC plus. This agency focus on manual, white hat outreach to acquire the backlinks for their clients.

Outreach links are great for those that want complete peace of mind when they buy backlinks, as these links are manually and naturally acquired by the link agency themselves.

These links can save businesses a lot of time from carrying out these services in house, enabling them to focus on other areas of their company as the links get built out in the background.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Press Release Links?

The best place to buy press release links is PR Editorial Release. These guys are experts within the press release industry, providing press release services for clients of all sizes and industries.

Press releases are a great way to organically get your brand out there online, whilst acquiring some brilliant backlinks to point through to your site that can actually improve your domain rating.

Press releases are a large part of most people’s digital marketing campaigns, and PR Editorial Release is a great place to go.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Wikipedia Links?

The best place to buy Wikipedia links is Wiki Wookie. Wiki Wookie are the industry leading Wikipedia backlink service, offering reliable Wikipedia links for your business.

For many, it’s extremely hard to find Wikipedia links that actually stick, but with Wiki Wookie, they have absolutely no problem with this.

Not only that, but Wiki Wookie’s links are actually niche relevant too, and very beneficial for companies SEO campaigns as a paid links service.

Popular Questions

Is it legal to buy backlinks?

It is legal to purchase backlinks and there’s no law against it.

In fact, the link selling industry is worth billions with many internet marketers buying backlinks for their digital assets.

But it is worth noting proactively purchasing black hat link building campaigns is against Google guidelines and if caught breaking their guidelines then Google is free to remove your website from their search engine results pages.

So in your decision making always outsource the link building strategies to brands that are reputable.

Is it a good idea to buy backlinks?

It is a good idea to buy backlinks, as long as you don’t either buy cheap backlinks from black hat seo link builders.

Website owners should ensure that if they’re buying links for power, that the are do follow links, as these will be the links that improve your search rankings.

Buying backlinks in 2022 from experienced link builders is the key to acquiring natural links with high domain authority, and that’s what ultimately will improve your search engine rankings.


How much should I pay for backlinks?

There’s no set amount for how much you should pay for backlinks, as this is very dependant on the type of link you buy, the quantity and quality of the backlink.

For high authority backlinks, this will naturally cost more that low authority, but it’s always a good idea to do your research on link providers before ordering outbound links.

Backlink buying can be a tricky business, but when done properly, is one of the best ways to increase your monthly traffic.


Acquiring backlinks has become an essential part of ranking websites higher in the SERP because of the link juice this passes to your money pages.

Link building services can seriously help this, as buying high quality backlinks from quality service providers as part of your SEO campaign is a great way to lift your search engine rankings and boost traffic.

The link juice acts as a vote for Google and other search engines to understand the destination URL is a trustworthy source of information.

If you buy low quality links, like links from spammy private blog networks or cheap backlinks can actually end up having a negative effect on your SEO strategy, can impact your site’s ranking and may end up leading to a Google penalty.

This is why you should avoid buying cheap backlinks, and if you do choose to buy backlinks, use only the most reputable service for your campaign when buying backlinks.

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