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Wilmslow SEO Mastermind Meetup – FatRank

In an ever-evolving online industry then masterminds with the biggest digital marketers in the world is key to staying ahead of the game. In my opinion, masterminds are so much better than any SEO conferences you will attend. Anyone who knows myself will understand I believe the most important element to improving and developing is networking […]

Why Become an SEO? – FatRank

I often get asked what my job title is and most of the time I struggle to answer this question. This is because so many different professions in our trade call themselves SEO gurus, online marketers, digital nomads, digital marketing experts, growth hackers, and many more job descriptions. SEO stands for Seach Engine Optimisation. In […]

Using Broken Link Building for SEO

We all know that trying to develop a successful outreach and backlink strategy can be difficult and time-consuming. Sometimes it’s impossible to know where to start with trying to find other blogs and websites within your niche to link back to your content. However, there are a number of techniques which you can use to […]

Ultimate Guide to GMB SEO

With a bunch of different search engines available, it’s easy to say that Google is the most popular. Google My Business (GMB) listings are a sure-fire way to attracting more enquiries to your business. Do you have a GMB Listing setup? And more importantly, have you optimised your GMB Listing to rank position one? If […]

UK SEO Domains by Premium Domain Names

PremiumDomainNames.co.uk are the #1 supplier UK SEO Domains with Backlinks, Age, History & Traffic. The owner of Premium Domain Names is Matt Tricot based in the United Kingdom. Let us dive in whether PremiumDomainNames.co.uk are a must-have supplier for UK websites. Who is Matt Tricot, and What Does He Do? Matt is a domainer & […]

Topical SEO – Create Supporting Articles

When people seem to ask the question ‘What is the future of ranking websites?’ the most common answer recently has been the buzzword ‘Topical SEO’. This is debatable but I am going to run through why topic related linked blogs is actually a huge part of the ranking factor now and will be for years to […]

8 Best GMB Tools to Assist Your Local SEO Efforts

Ranking locally drives a lot more traffic and leads than people think. Having Google My Business (GMB) listings in the map pack is a sure-fire way to attract more enquiries to your business. If you are new to creating and ranking GMBs check out our Ultimate Guide to Google My Business listings. The best local GMB tools will […]

Tips For Optimising Your Images for Technical SEO

The main focus on optimising your images for technical SEO is making sure they are not uploaded too large to slow sites down. Below are techniques and tips to optimise your images on your website to improve site speed and have technical benefits. Reduce Image Size in KB Reducing the image size is a great […]

The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global – Our Domains, Your SEO

The Ultimate Guide to Odys.Global, which is an internet marketing company, who focuses on selling premium domains. What makes Odys. Global a superb company is they have now added a done for you website build on these premium domains. ODYS stands for “Our Domains, Your SEO“. Invite Only The “Our Domains, Your SEO” registration is […]

The SEO Power of Concise Writing

A good copywriter is one who can get their point across briefly and effectively. Copywriters focus on three areas: purpose, brevity, and effectiveness. Making sure every word that you have counts, using simple words to explain difficult concepts, and organizing your points effectively are all key to creating effective sales copy. The length of your […]