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Rate My Business Review – FatRank

Reviews of your brand online are one of the most influential factors for making purchasing decisions. Recent surveys showed that 91% of customers trust online reviews as much as recommendations from family and friends. With a vast majority of customers trusting the reviews are you optimising for your brand SERP? Could those extra 5* reviews […]

Engagement Rank – SEO Click Through Rate Traffic

This article is going to dive into the Engagement Rank – SEO Click Through Rate Traffic. This topic is amongst us right now in the internet marketing industry and you won’t find many people talking about this yet. What is Engagement Ranking? Engagement ranking has been described as “The metric that calculates the level of user engagement that […]

CTR SEO – Advanced Click Through Rate Strategies September 2022

All growth hackers and SEO’s understand that the main ranking factors over previous years have been content and backlinks. But the waters in September 2022 are starting to muddy nowadays and other ranking factors are starting to be rewarded from our testing. Although this article will explain why and how CTR Manipulation works you need […]

Conversion Rate Optimization September 2022

Once you have a website generating traffic and ranking then conversion rate optimization is a must. There is no point having a website generating you plenty of visitors but not converting in the best way possible. Conversion rate optimization is known in the SEO world as CRO and is the digital approach to framing or […]