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The Three Search Engine Keyword Types

Millions of individuals search for products and services on the web each day. It is important to consider the various keyword terms that people use when looking for the information or product they need. “Too rank websites now you need to cover all three types of keywords to cover the niche in its entirety” SEO […]

Search Engine Manipulation Effect – FatRank

Can the search engine manipulation effect (SEME) change real peoples perception of a subject? Can an SEO influence users search path by Manipulating Google Autocomplete Predictions? Google data showed 75% of the user search queries are affected by Google autosuggest so can the Search Engine Manipulation Effect come into force here? Can search engines manipulate […]

Introduction to Search Engine Optimisation

Most of us have a basic idea of how a search engine works but here is an introduction to Search Engine Optimisation, you type in your search term for whatever it is you want to find, and your search engine of choice displays thousands of results for web pages which might help you find what […]